Learning Tool Integration (LTI) Tutorial

The NEW easier, built-in method of using TurnItIn through myCMU

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Foliotek is a third-party "Portfolio manager" product used by some CMU courses/instructors.  It requires its own account. If you need to use Foliotek for any of your courses, your instructor(s) will provide you with the setup information needed to access Foliotek. These instructions show how it is accessed through the myCMU assignments area.

As a licensed service, Foliotek has their own support team. http://www.foliotek.com

Learning Tool Integration (LTI) online instructions

New, easier method for accessing TurnItIn directly through your myCMU class

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Student Guide for using the Turnitin system.

Foliotek is a third-party system licensed by CMU. Foliotek has their own support team to deal with any problems related to their product.  "Contact" links for customer service and support can be found at the bottom of their home page.