Assistance & Training

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Variety of short videos and documentation on learning Office 365.

Public access to the Purdue University writing center with tons of material on all things “writing”.

Special search engine for scholarly, educational, journals with full text articles.


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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Windows

Online Meetings

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These are the recommended MINIMUM requirements for using the BigBlueButton live meeting rooms. As always, you can never have too much power or too much bandwidth, especially when working with live audio/video over the internet.


Registration Support

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How to self-register for Fall 2017 classes for Fayette campus


New course self-registration info for Online or non-Fayette Campuses SPRING 2015. Click to download. If it does not automatically open or save, <Right-Click> the link and choose "Save link (target) As" then manually open in Adobe Reader.

Central Methodist University offers a variety of software throughout our campus. CMU Technology Services knows that learning new software can become time consuming and confusing, so we want to offer a few documents that will help you find your way around.

Mobile Devices (iPads, Smartphones etc)

Apps which *might* work.  Not "officially" supported or endorsed. Try at your own risk. Search your devices App Store to see if it's available for your device.

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Students and parents may begin, complete, and submit a new or renewal FAFSA form with this 'official' app.

iOS ONLY. A free multi-purpose document management app. Create basic text documents, download and view files from your 'cloud' services. View Word, PowerPoints or PDF's etc.

iOS ONLY. An electronic version of the old standby study method of creating 3 x 5" "recipe cards" with the question on front and answer on back.

Take a photo of a page of text and it will straighten the page and clean up the text for easy reading. Then Upload to OneDrive to save it. Great for taking a picture of class lecture data written on a whiteboard.

This iOS app costs 99 cents but is well worth it. It allows you to set a smaller video resolution and/or lower frame rate in which to record your movies.  Most videos shot on an iPhone or iPad do not need to be full Hi-Def BlueRay or DVD quality. They can usually be like the 'standard' definition and size of most YouTube videos which take up WAY less space, and can be uploaded faster and more easily than huge HD videos.

Designed as a "helper" app for HeyCam! hardware, it also works as a Free stand-alone app that allows you to record movies at a smaller size. (Standard YouTube 640x480 size) instead of the huge, default 1080 or 720p BluRay/DVD "HD quality" iPad settings.

The incredible, versatile multi-media player as an App. Will play nearly any kind of internet movie or audio file. Works with AirPlay to project the movie to an AppleTV/AirServer etc.

A universal bar-code, QR code utility that works with most any type of codes. Exports data to cloud storage or CSV file for Excel, etc.

Lets you view and sign PDF files.

Hints and Tips for how to free up space on your iPad if it becomes full. This does not include the obvious like deleting games or other non-essential Apps. These are the 'hidden' settings buried in non-obvious locations... like deleting extra Siri voices that you don't use etc.

Collaborative whiteboard app.

Free, secure password storage “address book” based of the open source KeePass project

EDU Free Textbook - Resource Sites

These sites provide a ton of free materials that can supplement most any type of course.
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Free educational eBooks, Videos, Audio and self-paced courses.
Free open-source e-textbooks on dozens of topics.
Thousands of free educational, multimedia resources on virtually any topic.
Hundreds of free Learning Guides, Test Preps,  Study Tools etc.

Software at Discount Prices

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Save on MS Office and other software with proof of being a student. (see site for details)

File Helper Applications (PC/Mac)

These are for Desktop/Laptop computers, not Tablets or SmartPhones

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Adobe Reader is a free viewer for PC's or Macs for viewing documents saved in the ".pdf" format.

Audacity is a free, powerful Audio recorder and editor for PC's or Macs. Use the latest "beta" version for newer computers or operating systems. To save files as MP3's you must download and install a separate free extension. Instructions are on the Audacity website. You can open/play MP3's without the add-on, it is only needed if you wish to save or change MP3's.

Firefox is a free alternative web browser for PC's or Macs. It is recommended for use with myCMU. 
This free media viewer and organizer allows PC's or Macs to download, import and play a variety of internet based music and movies. Some are free and others must be purchased through the iTunes Store, or you can import your own music from CD's. Works with iPods, iPhones in addition to computers. (* Note* Quicktime must be installed before installing iTunes)
Formerly called OpenOffice, this program is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. It is not 100% compatible since MS Office is a copyrighted commercial program, but it will open most MS Office files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and can save its own files in an MS Office compatible file format. It has a wordprocessor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, database, and graphics editor. It works on both PC's and Macs.
VLC is a free multi-purpose digital media player. It will open and play/view nearly every kind of internet multimedia file type such as photos, music/audio, and movies. It is Multi-Platform so works on PC's or Macs
7-Zip is a free file archive/expansion program that works with a variety of compression formats. such as .zip or .rar. Large files are often compressed before uploading/downloading to save drive space and bandwidth. This program works on both PC's and Macs.

Free, open-source, multi-platform video editor. Makes a good replacement for Apple iMovie or Windows MovieMaker.

This free cross-platform app will import a variety of eBook formats and let you manage them, read them or convert them to other formats for other devices.

If you have a PC laptop using a CMU "on-campus" wireless network connection and need to print, you must download & install this small program that allows you to see the list of available printers.

MacOS has this built in, you do not need to download this on a Mac. When you "Add a Printer" you select a "Bonjour" printer Kind and use the driver named "Secure AirPrint".

After selecting your printer it will prompt for a username and password; use your "Eagle account" credentials. (CMU email name without the '' part, NOT your myCMU login)

Free, secure password storage “address book” for Mac/PC/Linux

(Free) Some video formats are proprietary and only play on certain computers/software, and others are in uncompressed formats which make them impractically large to download/save to devices with low storage space. Adapter lets you convert these into smaller, more compatible, 'generic' video file types like mp4 or m4v for easier handling.