Course Description

This course focuses on the occupational therapy process in practice areas and community settings. Content expands upon previous coursework of theory, assessment, and treatment of clients by transitioning into current and emerging practice areas of occupational therapy. In addition to practice areas (in-patient and outpatient) this course will explore community settings; vocational, rehabilitation, home health and emerging practice areas. Students will apply previous knowledge to adapt and restore function through the development of interventions to treat a variety of diagnoses and problems in their community.
Lab activities, site visits and Level I fieldwork opportunities will enable students to participate in and apply occupational therapy assessment and intervention principle to a wide range of community settings including vocational, vocational rehabilitation, home heath, and emerging community practice areas. Emphasis will be on community settings in the student’s state and geographic region. The course also provides a broad exposure to the social, political, legislative, economic and cultural factors that influence service delivery.


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