Course Description


The OT Practice Framework will be introduced. Students will learn the skill of task analysis to support purposeful intervention. This course is designed to stimulate occupation-based, client-centered practice. This content addresses two areas; therapeutic media as an avenue of intervention and fundamental design as an avenue of adaptation.

Various avenues of therapeutic media will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on awareness of activity demands, contexts, adapting, grading, and safe implementation of occupations or activities. Students will practice activity analysis, will have opportunity to improve communication and professional skills and will formulate critical thinking skills required to justify recommendations for interventions and adaptations.

In addition, students will be introduced to fundamental design and construction and its use in adaptations for the client. Design in the areas of basic splinting, orthotics, prosthetics, assistive devices and mobility will be explored. The student will be introduced to the concept of evidence gathering, contributing to assessment and recommending appropriate interventions.

Occupational Foundations: Therapeutic Media and Design

Required Text:

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