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Lost & Found (Fayette Campus) Hide

Items that have been lost or found on the Fayette campus are posted here.  Contact the Office of Student Development (660-248-6225 or  If you FIND your reported item please let us know!

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Students are searching for lost keys, several backpacks, a white watch, you name it. Please turn in anything found on campus.

  • Under Armour jacket
  • 1 blue, 1 purple water bottle
  • Apple watch -lost mid-December
  • Mortar Board with yellow tassel -lost after 12/9 commencement
  • Lost keys -this is the #1 lost item and several sets have not been found
  • Samsung charger -white @ 9/26
  • Rain jacket -women's gray @ 10/6
  • Nike glove @ 10/7
  • Hurley jacket -light orange, week of 10/20
  • Weight belt -brown/black, week of 10/27
  • iPod in pink paisley case -11/12
  • Winter jacket -tan fleece with hood @ 11/30
0 12/12/2016 2:19:45 PM
Found items
  • Jackets - 1 Ladies S black name brand, 1 black knit athletic fit L, left in THOG CTR, 1 black quilted jacket -medium,10/23; and 1 lg CMU sweatshirt, left in TBER
  • Phones - 573-826-763_ found @ 2/27; Samsung found @ bleachers Band Day
  • From the Learning & Teaching Ctr -readers, white knit hat, 2 notebooks
  • Keys: Ford clicker with 1 Schlage and 1 copy key, 12/11; AARON lanyard with lots of keys and fobs. Left in the cardio room @ 12/5; Chevy key -single black capped key with a clip attached. 11/30 near TBerry
  • Gloves -1 gray glove with neon orange on the face, 1 black ski glove dropped in the bookstore 12/13-14
  • Tank top -Gray jersey. 12/1 outside of Burford Hall
  • Earrings: single petite triangular post with pearl drop, near Little Theatre @ 12/6. silver colored disk with a crystal in the center, one only. Found 11/16
  • 4 water bottles -found separately
  • Watch - men's black, THOG Center @ 10/30
  • Necklaces -22" x 3/8" silvery chain found in ISCC lot; 12" chain with crystal pendant, found 10/16
  • CDFP pants -turned in 10/23/17
  • Headphones -various generic
  • Rings -stones/beads in several colors on band. Left in the dining hall early F17, two silver ones left in THOG Ctr men's room
  • Tool kit -a few items in a carry case. Found at the rec center early F17.
  • Durag -black nylon, found @ Brannock Hall
    • Unclaimed items will be taken to The Attic @ mid-July
0 6/23/2017 9:07:21 AM
Roomates & Rentals Hide
Central Methodist University assumes no responsibility involving the rental properties below. This site serves as a central location for our students to view available rentals in the Fayette area. Tenants and landlords assume all responsibility of the mentioned properties.  To have something posted, contact Brad Dixon -
Use this handy online expense estimator to help decide housing options.
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Roomates Wanted
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Rides Hide
Contact me if you know you can provide a ride, or if you need a ride.  Joy Flanders -
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