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The Ultimate Guide To Research Methodology Original post: Thu 8/20/2020 at 5:06 AM

Using a research methodology is helpful when working on a formal piece. It makes writing stand out. And how well you do your findings reflects on your part.


In this article, you'll see what research methodology means, its types, and the primary sampling methods. You really don't need to worry about the process. This piece explains everything in a breakdown.


What Is A Research Methodology?


When you are given a thesis or academic writing to do, your supervisor tells you to research what to write.


He either gives a subject or asks you to do your findings. When this occurs, try as much to be concise. Leave out unnecessary information.


How you do your findings refers to the common term above.

And there are ways to do this, several ways to be precise.


A research methodology involves a systematic order of collecting data and interpreting it. How you carry out this explains the methods you use.


You must spend time to decide which methods are best for your writing. It could be a dissertation, thesis, or journal page. Either way, knowing the right approach to take often helps to ease the work.



Types of Research Methodology


Here, you'll get to learn the types of methodology in research. Three types of research methods determine how well you've done your findings on that project.


Without wasting any time, the following are types of research methodology:


Quantitative Research Methodology


This research relies on textual analysis. You collect data from your tutor and interpret them with words. Most times, it's always part of demand. But when it's not, you're expected to implement this strategy all by yourself.


Collect data in textual words and interpret them in your way. It's possible to use a muse here for proper expression of ideas gotten.


Quantitative Research Methodology


This type of research methodology has something to do with numbers and comparative data. Here, the aim is to test these data, check how accurate it is, and allow the audience to do their testing.


This research method gets confusing when you don't arrange your data well. It involves strict accuracy, meaning all your data has to be proven correct. Any misinterpretation may lead to a mediocre job and even rejection from your supervisor.




This type of research involves a merging of the above examples. It helps to integrate views as well as produce a bright picture.


This method could be tricky if not used properly. Hence, you must work out your piece in engagingly.


Two Main Types of Sampling Design


A sample design refers to the source of your data. You aren't making up data all by yourself, are you? This design, when understood, helps to choose the right source when looking for ideas.



Basically, there are different sample designs. Two main types are critical: probability and non-probability sampling. Get more details about research methods; Kindly visit on


Probability Sampling


This design involves collecting samples from a totally random source. Here, the results of your research focus on the entire population. A random person will be able to relate to your piece.


Non-probability Sampling


This design requires specific samples. It often directs at particular people, not the entire population.




When you're attempting a project, the ideal way is to decide which research methodology fits best. You must also use whatever method you plan on using well.


It appears that when an audience is known, the work becomes more natural. So work your piece with a fixed mindset and interpret it with a perspective that suits your audience.


If it's possible to make your views broader, do it. But in all, ensure you produce a clear picture.

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Re: The Ultimate Guide To Research Methodology Posted: Mon 8/31/2020 at 6:56 AM, in reply to guest guest

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Re: Re: The Ultimate Guide To Research Methodology Posted: Thu 9/17/2020 at 8:34 AM, in reply to guest guest

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The Ultimate Guide To Research Methodology Posted: Mon 9/21/2020 at 5:43 AM, in reply to guest guest

Research Methodology Vs. Research Methods

A well-defined research methodology helps you to conduct your research in the right direction, validates the results of your research, and also makes sure that the study you are conducting answers the set research questions.

Research methods are the techniques and procedures used for conducting research. Choosing the right research method for your writing is an important aspect of the research process.

You need to either collect data or talk to the people while conducting any kind of research. The research methods can be classified based on this distinction.


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