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RBI Group expands its business and integrates new brands - Arendafon and Shtab Apartments There are 1 replies:
RBI Group expands its business and integrates new brands - Arendafon and Shtab Apartments Original post: Fri 3/5/2021 at 11:39 PM

RBI Group expands its business and integrates new brands - Arendafon and Shtab Apartments

The RBI Group acquired a 50% stake in the Active Group, which includes Arendafon (renting apartments) and Stab Apartments (selling primary and secondary residential real estate). The new business line will become part of the RBI Group ecosystem, while the Active Group remains an independent organization headed by the managing owner, Yakov Volkov.

Integration of the real estate business into the RBI Group ecosystem was a logical continuation of the company's development. In recent years, the Group has not only combined the full line of products of the primary real estate market, from comfort-class and elite housing to apartments and country lounge studios, but also offered its clients a variety of related services: apartment decoration, investment property management, and operation of residential complexes. etc.

Our approach is B2I,“ business to individual ”.

We want to give each client exactly those options that he needs, and at the moment when it is necessary, hence such a variety of offers, - emphasizes the owner of the RBI Group Eduard Tiktinsky.

–We want to save people time by offering the best service in a convenient format from a trusted company, for the quality of whose work we are responsible for the reputation of the RBI Group. Now our buyers will be able to resolve all issues related to residential real estate, according to the principle of "one window". In addition, entering the agency business will allow us to gain access to the extensive client base of Active Group, and most importantly - to the already existing and well-developed IT platform ”.

The RBI Group, in addition to subsidiaries, includes organizations in a 50/50 partnership - for example, the BIM design company Development Systems. In the same terms, the Active Group will become part of the ecosystem. Actively working with the Group's projects, all subsidiaries and partner companies also provide services to third-party customers.

“The market for agency services in real estate is on the verge of great changes: client preferences are changing towards a higher level of service, the younger generation is increasingly abandoning property in favor of the rental real estate. The old models are no longer working, and the new ones have not yet formed, - says the head of the Active Group, Yakov Volkov.

- In my opinion, the future of real estate services lies in a change in the approach to personnel, well-built business processes, and a high degree of automation. In the near future, the service will be maximally transferred to the digital plane, and we are already preparing for the upcoming “real estate digital revolution”. Over the past few years, our company has developed its own IT products, built processes, and is already training specialists in the author's program. Our goal is to offer the market convenient services, and the deal with RBI Group will give us the necessary impetus and resources for this ”.

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Re: RBI Group expands its business and integrates new brands - Arendafon and Shtab Apartments Posted: Sun 4/18/2021 at 12:40 PM, in reply to guest guest

We desire to store humans time with the aid of presenting the first-class carrier in a handy layout from a relied-on company, for the high-quality of whose work we are accountable for the popularity of the RBI Group. Now our customers will be capable to unravel all problems associated with residential actual estate, in accordance with the precept of "one window"cheapest manhattan neighborhoods . In addition, coming into the business enterprise commercial enterprise will permit us to acquire get admission to the sizeable customer base of Active Group,

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