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Fake White Yeesy for Cheap Original post: Wed 7/15/2020 at 4:48 AM

Hey bro when ur done unboxing us viewers even tho this is my second blog I ever watched from you. It be really sweet if you could put on the shoes at the end. Cuz to me it look like the shoe is designed to hug your ankles to prevent water from going into your shoes and to support your ankles. But other then that love the 2 blogs I've seen so far. Your a lucky guy definitely in shoe heaven. I envy you, I have two pairs off shoes some under armor boots and greenbay flip flop. Buut I did order some look like fake white yeesy for cheap from As a Cancer survivor I'm still paying off medical bills, so spending 300 bucks on shoes can't really do it. But anyways I'm alive and happy. Best of luck to you and make some more blogs. I'll be watching more blogs of yours. And will subscribe.keep up the good work. Peace. From Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "chicagoallday ? bruh, this ain't no open debate. If you watched basketball bk then you would definitely know. If you didn't or maybe you weren't born then you can always ?google? it or just search on YouTube. If you like I could send you a link. Matter fact just watch Dennis Rodman on the pistons or bulls and you'll see what I mean. Try any of that in today?s NBA and you wouldn't have a job. So without that and other bs antics how would anyone on MJs team defend curry? Jordan had no handle so who would be they pg? Magic?. I didn't even name a 5th player for my 5. Easily throw Tim Duncan in there and what you got? MJs NBA had a bunch of politics. Rookies would be lucky if they played 10 mins a game no matter who you was in college. Them old niggas like Robert parish would not be able to cut it these days man. I'm telling y?all." As this series goes on, i dislike Norvina more and more. I feel like she?s a very shady and jealous person. I feel like Norvina only favourites Benny because she doesn't want anyone else to win. No offence to Benny but his blogs are not genuine and he clearly puts on a persona just to be funny but it just comes off cringey and we all see that. Norvina is clearly jealous of Ashleys bad bitch energy and confidence and also jealous of Kailtlyn therefore she doesn't want them winning. It comes from a place of female jealousy and insecurity, only giving harsh criticism to the girls. I'm pissed lol Norvina acts like she?s a bad bitch but she?s obviously jealous and petty in certain ways. Idk she reminds me of those annoying bitches in highschool w a high ass ego and no friends I don't even comment on YouTube blogs but this got me fked up no cap. Lebron is a sellout?

I wonder if starting a school for poor kids in the poor area of Cleveland is a sellout. (I promise school, look it up)

Damn man, what did jordan due?
Failed on the wizards, got exposed. Failed at making the Charlotte hornets/bobcats/hornets or whatever the hell happened to them, relevant.

Curry, no stacked team, exposed. Before and after the mega team run. They all bailed when the chips were done. The whole team are nothing more than snakes.
Jordan gambled his money and his dad's life away with his mafia ties.
See Tim Donaghy

Lebron played on a no talent Cavaliers team and still beat the stacked warriors.

This late in his carrer and he's still putting up huge numbers. Crazy!

Yep he's a sellout. If you look at it through butthurt eyes.

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