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What are you dry?"The inside of Ma Fei Shou still carries a words tube Kobe Bryant All Star Jersey, this voice from the stereo set in spread out.Just, Ma Fei does the action of , Xi joss-stick month almost annoy crazy:He unexpectedly, the hands protect at before the chest? The month of Xi joss-stick pondered ground to fly two Piaos toward horse one eye:"Ah, your Wu wrong place." "?"Ma Fei seemed to be just to respond to come over and hurriedly used left hand Wu the part is toward own men, the right hand still keeps carrying a words tube. Month of Xi joss-stick Chi Chi but smile:"Did the Alas!, the little baby, frighten?"Her hands, fly from the horse of before the chest, comply with the surrounding to get down slippery, touched past, while touching the belt that the horse flies, finger vividly on moving, untie! "Ah?"The horse flies good elephant to protect the young girl of oneself's chastity similar Kobe Bryant Blue Jersey, even the words tube also could not considered of and without extra trouble threw sofa seamy side, the hands tightly seized firmly their own belts, " you forbid to move." The Kua that the month of Xi joss-stick without extra trouble flies in the horse touched an and touched Ma Fei 1 arousing to work properly:"Qi, Zha heel the Niangs?Still protect own belt?Are you exactly a man?"While speaking, she sits on the hip on the Ma Fei's legs, along with the fluttering of body, also flap about. The horse flies one face painful:"You sank too much and pressed to die I."Connect is to isn't men to all encounter to query, depressed mood, can want to see. In fact Ma Fei pours not to is to turn sex, just, face alone a want to be not-gift oneself of the female kid is really greatly that the psychological stress is some.Certainly is not he either be frightenned, but he doesn't like with the active way of this kind of woman and carry on this kind of matter throughout Kobe Bryant Swingman Jersey.And the place is unsuited to proper, the horse flies simply pretend ignorance, but the reaction of body, isn't what he can control. Just Xi joss-stick month when his Kua got for a while, in fact he is still positive one pillar Qing sky, just drive this'small too younger sister'of once the small hand touch, but frighten immediately to shrink a head. "Alas!, sorry, bother two fascinations."Month of Xi joss-stick just on turning round, lay prone Ma Fei Shen, kiss the horse flew of time, a very clear voice, the door between each pack rang out. When Ma Fei heard this orotund Kobe Bryant Authentic Jersey, first reaction be:Xu Xiao Long?Is that did he come?Hence once his body stand, Xi joss-stick the month also quickly stood, Ma Fei certainly also stood up, his ignoring is nearby tidying up clothes of Xi joss-stick month, but immediately see to door:"You ……you BE?"He saw clear, this person since not is the police who checks building, also isn't Xu Xiao Long, isn't also a KTV employee. Although the light flutters,the light also sees come out, this person very young, time smile seem to be very charming, about have one meter eight appearances, stand over there and seem to be vehemence very foot, at this time just the full face curiously looking at the Xi of tidying up the clothes for fragrant month. See Ma Fei ask him Kobe Bryant Purple Jersey, this young man then and consumedly the square square ground walked to come over and saw have beer, incredibly from came to Rehmannia to once carry 2 bottles, without extra trouble open, pass to that the horse flies a bottle of, oneself carries another , fly with horse of the bottle touched for a while, then then Yang rise neck, drank several bigs. Ma Fei puzzles that the ground looking at him, also the Yang Bo drank severals, then four eyes are opposite. The month of Xi joss-stick has already been calm down:"What person are you ?Come dry what?"She the vigilance ground ask. The young man lets go of the wine bottle, toward Ma Fei smile way:"I call D small loose, just to convenience, coincidentally hear someone being singing 《 Ou breaks silk connect 》, just, sing half didn't sing, felt to is very regrettable, then wanted to know the person who sings, thought come to this is to sing person?" See the young man talk complaisance Kobe Bryant White Jersey, the Chi is clear, and have no hostility, the horse flies of the air also mollified down:"?Ground how?" The vision of young man is very bright:"!Really is you!My D is small loose from recognize to do song very diligently, but listenned to the song that you sing, still a bit ashamed of own unseemliness, , your name?" What's going on here?The horse flies and Xi joss-stick the month all has a little a Meng turn. Ma Fei also smiles, nearby of the words tube pass toward him:"Your surname Gao Ming Dao isn't worthy, I call Ma Fei, the D is small loose, this name is quite good, meet is decree by destiny, come, sing together.

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