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tonight opens a department village Wei of meeting, tomorrow develop a work!" The horse flies one Leng:"Be not ……you are to really want to live in thou tree Tun?" Xi joss-stick month demon demon ground a turn head:"How?Stay with you not to is all right?You haven't got married, should prepare marriage building?" "Ga?You this Roger Maris Jersey, have how many meanings?"Ma Fei Leng. The month of Xi joss-stick seems to be intentionally to stir him:"Anyway you have to arrange abode for me, I don't mind to live in your marriage building with you." Ma Fei Xin says that you want to really live with me to be together, Zhang Ying will still don't give° me to tear to pieces tomorrow?Zhang Ying what all good, is vinegar strength big, also keep, alas. Hence, the horse flies to make a phone call for Zhang Ying:"Feed?Zhang Ying, are you in the orchard?" Zhang Ying says:"H'm, I and elder brother's wife all in the orchard Thurman Munson Jersey, did you come back?Give or get an electric shock construction brigade in the industry bureau today, have already done engineering to there is half." Ma Fei says:"My knowing that you are also tired is getting worse?BE so, the pack of our village village staff Xi head of rural township, want to live tonight in the village, I feel, let her stay with you, you come back for a while and accompany her to live together." Zhang Ying Leng Leng:"What?Head of rural township?The male's female of?" Ma Fei admires ground a smile:"Certainly is a female of, do you think that I introduce boyfriend for you?Ha ha." Zhang Ying seems to breath a sigh of relief:"Is that line of Yogi Berra Jersey, I this goes home and in brief tidies up for a while." Ma Fei smiled to smile:"H'm, that thanked you.Yi?Hang?"Ma Fei's wry smile shakes head, "'s hanging a telephone to pour is quick, ah, heel I do the nothing important words say?" Month of Xi joss-stick Xi Xi a smile:"This female kid, affirmation fell in love with you.Is your fiancee?" Ma Fei doubt:"What mean?" Month of Xi joss-stick a shape of good behavior teacher:"Ma Fei ah, you are still delicate which.The female kid's idea the least bit don't understand as well.My daughter kid, once falling in love with you, or strongly keeping off you, this is shy, or strongly toss about you Derek Jeter Authentic Jersey, this is generous, or speak bluntly to you, but the everywhere considers for you, also don't take the credit, this is the good wife type of, certainly, there is also 1 kind, be go straight to a topic type of, Xi Xi." If Ma Fei chews her and suddenly say:"Originally, did you also fall in love with me?" The month of Xi joss-stick drives of car, suddenly visited a fish sort to run a S form, again weigh Be returned to proper way, she humed one to say:"Is beautiful of you!This beauty just plays you, how will fall in love with you?Don't be oneself to return to matter too much." Ma Fei's a head of black line:"Play ……I?Your still really sufficient vanguard of!Execuse me, An timidity, you don't frighten me." The month of Xi joss-stick has never picked him up this words Luke Voit Authentic Jersey, but changed a topic:"Is serious to admire, if I live at the your thou tree Tun under, you intrude into Zhang Ying Jia's words in midnight, seeking me or seeking her?" Ma Fei is immediately confused:Ni Ma, this problem also made people can not stand too much!He is hesitating, Xi joss-stick month again demon demon the ground say:"Is not afraid to tell the truth with you, as long as you dared to seek me, this beauty accepted you!As for Zhang Ying, Hey Hey, if you are going to seek her, you affirm be bombed out, don't say that I didn't warn you." Ma Fei put on a cold sweat on forehead:"E, you understanding Zhang Ying?" The month of Xi joss-stick shakes head:"Do I how can know her?" Ma Fei is very careful:"That how do you understand so her?" The month of Xi joss-stick at quiet says:"I am also a woman, certainly understand her viewpoint, very strange?" Ma Fei doesn't already is depressed:"Do you still know that you is a woman?" Zhi!The month of Xi joss-stick suddenly stopped a car and unexpectedly turn on the light in the car and slowly once turned round and intentionally untied a few buttons of collar and stood pretty full rightness of plain wheat rollses, even the silk quality of inside BRA all exposed out:"I am certainly a woman!Want to check for a while?" "Cough, the check never minds Aaron Judge Authentic Jersey."Ma Fei still true the offensive that doesn't live her, immediately hurt next. The month of Xi joss-stick again launches vehicle:"Qi, has wicked heart have no thief Dan, had thief Dan have no thief's style, there is thief's style, again have no'thief'time, ha ha, man which, majority all in this turn turn leisurely, until is old to go."

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