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The river,such as jade, got a fright:"You can't leave dry live with him?" Is strict to open mountain to say with smile:"Can't can't, we is don't the employee outside the plait of wages." The river,such as dragon, also loosenned tone Alex O'Connell Duke Jersey, he still really worried old daddy's brain a hot, stay at Ma Fei to do agriculture to live for Ma Fei here. Again and again gave repeated advice to Ma Fei to record to like own contact method, strict open mountain and river Feng to just take river,such as both the brother and sister dragon, to leave. At they severals ascended the time of police car, a Jie in the distance reaches a sedan up, come down two people, certainly is Lin Yu Shu is as brave as Luo, they rush through to come over of time, the river,such as jade, has already launched vehicle and directly leaves, even see the interest of their one eye also have no. Lin Yu Shu hurriedly moves over here:"Ma Fei ah, did they all walk?" Ma Fei's of course not can put face son to him Art Heyman Duke Jersey, hurriedly the smiling face faces up:"Oh, secretary wood, how did you come again this time?"He certainly knows they waited along while in the outside, can can not order to break, either be not. Lin Yu Shu smiles elephant Buddha Maitreya:", I am to don't trust, and then come back, can ……sit for a while to your house?"Say words, he affably passes a Su's smoke. Ma Fei hurriedly shakes a hand:"I don't take out, secretary wood, Luo's head of rural township, just come in." Distance, and then appeared molar's figure Austin Rivers Duke Jersey, he the leg feet benefit Suo the ground run to come over, a smile to peep out a rightness of molars:"Secretary wood, Luo's head of rural township, two pains." Luo is brave on entering Ma Fei Jia's small hospital, not from every where in scrutinize:"Oh, Ma Fei, you this small hospital is how many decades of old house?All blame me concern not enough, now above has the reformation subsidy of old house, another day you make Yang Zhi Shu pass a material up, this house wants to change to set up of words, top of does the subsidy also have 34 ten thousand.Yang Zhi Shu recorded this matter." Molar repeatedly nods:"Luo's head of rural township trusts, this matter tomorrow do." Lin Yu the in the book is greatly ex- to pull a horse to protect of hand:"Ma Shu, we are old to you to concern not enough, let .down" The horse greatly protects immediately a Meng turn:"Secretary wood, I also concern to you not enough, ha ha, concern not enough, let .down" Zhang Ying Chi's ground is a Bobby Hurley Duke Jersey, strong endure to smile. Luo is brave to also suppress not to go, but he knows that horse's greatly protecting this is a concussion under, spoke amiss words, can also comprehend. Lin Yu Shu says:"Each villages all have already protected low a door now BE?Luo's head of rural township." Luo is brave to hurriedly say:"Yang Zhi Shu, you tomorrow protect a horse greatly the couple's material pass to go, a pair protects low a door, and I criticize especially." The hand that Lin Yu Shu still pulls a horse to greatly protect:"Ha ha, Ma Shu, you are old hereafter can concern me more, hereafter go to if the country government occupies, the country government directly seeks me, I am Lin Yu Shu Cam Reddish Duke Jersey, remembered?" The Luo brave heart says that when once saw our secretary to a common farmer so benignity! The horse greatly protects to certainly know that he is a country secretary, immediately smiled Mi an eye:"Remember, ha ha, secretary wood, I know."The horse greatly protects an in the mind great must not go, does the country secretary take care of us to call an uncle?!Is the United States not? Molar can be also shouted in the Lin Yu Shu and Luo's brave eye to drink to go to!Sometimes Lin Yu Shu can scold Niang! The suddenly small voice of molar says:"If Luo's head of rural township, horse greatly protect a couple, do to protect low, this age is also not enough." Luo's head of rural township stares his one eye:"Molar, can you not create sex ground to develop a work?" Ma Fei hurriedly says:"Luo's head of rural township, this protects low even if, thank Luo's head of rural township, this matter we don't do." Luo is brave to helplessly see toward Lin Yu Shu Cassius Stanley Duke Jersey, the latter says with smile:"Ma Fei's brothers says not to do, don't do." Until sit down, Lin Yu Shu always the Ye wear a horse to greatly protect of hand, horse greatly protect these is to have never touched to be the officer's hand for several decades, he enjoys this a moment very much naturally. Zhang Ying hurriedly makes tea and moves stool, Ma Fei Niang also follows to attend to needs.Until Lin Yu Shu is as brave as Luo, molars all sit down, Ma Fei Niang just cautiously sit on the horse greatly and protect nearby, looking at in front three all not too see at ordinary times of'somebody',

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