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Close to impregnable city seafood city of time, there is a brand, with that the horse flies of in the moment one Lue but lead:Newspaper agency in the impregnable city City.Ma Fei's in the mind a tight:Does Yang Xue's right here work?His brains hasn't turned to come over, the sedan has already stopped bottom.Obviously, newspaper agency in the impregnable city City leaves seafood city especially near. Ma Fei who puts on that body purple western dress Travel Jewelry Case, now look elephant also is a some nouveau riche of two, just he smiling face with simple look, always the clearly show wears his identity of small farmer.Ma Fei hasn't made it a rule to Yi to point spirit to make now and have no that kind of naturally the spirit field of the so-called place of honor. The horse flew to get off and there hoped to watch from a distance to newspaper agency in the impregnable city City and about estimated for a while, the newspaper agency left seafood city, was also the appearance that doesn't arrive 200 meters.Ma Fei once halt to stay, in fact still hope to see in the heart of that puts on a Qiao shadow, dark ask in his heart:Yang Xue, your a person got to impregnable city City and led O.K.? The month of Xi joss-stick capable voice spreads:"Alas!, Ma Fei ah, so interested in newspaper agency?Want to announce an article?" Ma Fei shakes and break up heart in to'ever fairy'of thoughts and feelings, say with smile:"Elder sister Xi don't joke I, I this all has never started to write for 56 years, if write an article, probably connecting a kid the park Class is all not enough, ha ha." The month of Xi joss-stick smiles very reservedly:"Don't wildly from thin thin, there is a life just having an article, not you try to write a , I change for you and perhaps have already canned have a bean curd piece on the newspaper." Lin Yu Shu beside introduces:"The Xi head of rural township can very serious is an impregnable city university Chinese fastens of brilliant student, and then tested Chinese language to talk a professional Doctor, is reading at present." Ma Fei nods:"Oh, gifted woman, really fail to show due respect." Several people talk a period, Ma Fei scarcely moves a step. At this time, hope already a long time of'the voice of fairy'unexpectedly and really appear!Just appear of but be not so calmly, incredibly cry for help:"Help!Someone robbed my to wrap!" The horse flies of heart, suddenly and wildly jumped several bottoms:What circumstance?The public order here is also very bad? Follow voice to hope to go Jewelry Boxes, but see this circumstance have a little abnormal.Originally, Yang Xue pushes a motor car, is in quick time making track for a man who is dressed in white western dress, this man brandishes wrapping of Yang Xue, have been shouting:"Come, make track for me ah, Yang Xue, make track for me ah, otherwise don't give your wrap, ha ha." People of surroundings, seeing 2 people is incredibly cognitive, certainly also the nobody come out to take care of this carefree matter. The horse flies one that man of seeing, by instinct angry:This boy starts to walk road and shakes head to put tail and has no a decent person shape not to say and also wears a small sunglasses and looks like surroundings to still have 45 younger brothers to follow to create a big noise. Yang Xue's voice seems to be very anxious:" Wrap and return to me!My inside still has important thing!Quickly return to me!" The that white western dress male smiled:"Yang Xue has a meal together with me at noon and wraps and then returns to you.Otherwise, go to and touch in impregnable city moat your and wrap to go to!Ha ha." Is dark to sigh in Ma Fei Xin, this also too Qiao, this boy robs wrapping of Yang Xue and flirts Yang Xue, it happened that be run into by oneself. Yang Xue is making track for that man Womens Jewelry Box, fly toward the horse at this time of the direction is since then. The horse flies toward Lin Yu Shu to wait a person and once beats an ashamed signal and then and right against the face cut to pass by to that man. BE shaking head to put tail, play Yang Xue's white western dress male together with the younger brothers, unexpectatively someone dares to take care of his carefree matter here, therefore, attention puts on Yang Xue Shen and brandish in the hand of wrap, more overbearing unbridled:"Come, my snow snow, I invite you to have a meal, for this seafood city, promise delicious, let you eat enough, ha ha." The younger brother that stabs a green dragon on an arm says with smile:"Elder brother's wife, you don't shout, Long Ge invites you to have a meal and mostly have a face, leave?"That younger brother sees the motor car that the appearance want to be strong to pull Yang Xue, another four younger brothers, also follow to create a big noise.

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