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"You take care of that stem what, our son has ambition and become friends with of is also a somebody, Hey!"The horse greatly protects very anxious to raise the tail to the sky, but he just, but even is last all don't dare. "Ma Jia's ancestral grave emitted green smoke."Ma Fei Niang intentionally stirs him. "That is certainly!Rise from the this generation of our son Gordon Hayward Butler Jersey, make changes in a court, Hey Hey." See Zhang Ying come in, the old two people immediately stands up:"Oh, Zhang Ying, we tidied up and then went."Ma Fei Niang is in daughter-in-law's in front, that is kindly to not go, after all, the somebody else hasn't passed by door where. The piece copies old two people's in front at them, is pretty much also a rules, did enough the son daughter-in-law's shape:"Shen, I tidy up for a while again tired not wear, you don't take care of." The river,such as jade, looking at Zhang Ying thus good and wise Ja Morant Murray State Jersey, the United States also gleams what in the Mou. The horse greatly protects to see a pair a police to arrive at a narrow and jet black kitchen together, not from at a loss what to do:"Oh, police comrade, you how come here, this ……sit where ah, wife's son, hurriedly make stool." The river,such as dragon, hurriedly says:"Do not bother, our station is in a short while good." Hall house there, the horse flies pensively:"Strict master son, I the skill of this cure, don't hope unauthorized biography, after all I am just a small farmer, don't want to bring too many troubles." River Feng immediately the full face is embarrassed:"Ma Fei's brothers, you don't blame me, old strict heel I but lead the friendship of life, I don't want to looking at him to be tormented by slight illness, he is the hero of law enforcement where James Harden Arizona State Jersey."Make reference to here, river Feng's eye sockets are all red, obviously these two friendships are still really not shallow. Being strict to open mountain is also very embarrassed:"Ma Fei Xiao's brothers lets you makes it lively for, I Be old strict to be getting more ashamed, thank you."The uprising that is strict to open mountain respectfully respect a military salute to Ma Fei. Ma Fei is a bit panic:"Ah?Master son, do not, don't so." Is pretty much strict to open mountain expectation ground to looking at Ma Fei:"Ma Fei Xiao's brothers, I the wound disease of this whole body, torment me for 20 years!Now, my felling come out, I returned to again 40 years old one-time age!Ha ha, this gift Jimmy Butler Marquette Jersey, the brothers is!My pouring is to feel, Ma Fei's brothers has this skill miraculous medical skill, and oneself completely can open a clinic!Write to up particularly cure a problem!You know, have how many persons be judged death penalty by the hospital, is struggling on the painful edge, can you not be brought benefit to to a people?" Ma Fei shakes:"Make reference to bottom, I am still a small farmer, earth's planing a food is the Zu Zu generation generation to spread the habit of coming down, and my root is in the village.Said again, even if have a little a medical skill, also help meet an urgent need for the sake of the peacetime Kemba Walker Uconn Jersey, after all want to practise medicine now, also need to practise medicine qualifications, I can have no time to also have no ability to test that thing, in case of if curing isn't good, again recruit other troubles."Ma Fei shakes, " do I why on earth come again?Isn't the kind ground quite good?" The still deathless heart that is strict to open mountain:"Ma Fei Xiao's brothers, you are this medical skill, too magic!If you open clinic, I am strict to open mountain to support with all strength!Who want to dare to cause trouble with you, I am strict to open all of the mountains to take!" Ma Fei continues to shake head:"Strict master son, you just also saw, we thou tree the Tun is this desolate small village, all fall behind everywhere, the house is a lot of is all 20 year agos cover, there is in fact also larger one of'a little bit bright', that be, almost thou tree the girls of the Tun all marry to outside, but, this several in the last yearses, marry the daughters-in-law of the tree Tun of returning the thou, but very of little!Now almost the young men all went out to do a part-time job, after coming back from doing a part-time job, still bachelor!The amount of bachelor year by year increases ……I was born in here am long here, I am hope, can chase this village Kevin Durant Texas Jersey, Be finished surrounding the misses would like to marry most of village!Pour to have no too great ideal." Is strict eyes opening mountain to put light:"Ha ha!Good!Good brothers, good life ambition!Say and have what difficulty, I was strict to open mountain to still have Zhang Lao Lian, along together solved for you!"

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