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the Yang Yang, ha ha."The words tube that picks up Ma Fei to pass over here, very is from come to Rehmannia to say to the month of Xi joss-stick, " beauty please order the Ou breaks silk to connect and thank." Month of Xi joss-stick white his one eye:"I come together with Ma Fei Kobe Bryant Mitchell And Ness Jersey."She is this meaning, is set aside own identity:I ain't the princess in KTV! The D is small loose to see with half an eye her meaning:"Oh, sorry, beauty, I apologize, I request song by myself." The month of Xi joss-stick has already headed for point song machine, but loudly says:"Do I sing badly?"She the in the mind of course not concede, in this aspect of K song, she still really has never taken who, although Ma Fei sings also quite goodly,Ma Fei still is unlikely to exceed her. The D is small loose to chase another words tube, pass toward Ma Fei:"The friend, the 1 of our one person, finishes singing this song, I come first." Wait until D small loosen one throat of opening Kobe Bryant Throwback Jersey, Ma Fei is also extremely surprised, obviously, this person not only throat good, sing also already very good!Should say, sing masterly than Ma Fei, to Michael's usage also more the profession is some. Ma Fei connects to sing:"Your heart stays in that part still." "Good!"The D is small loose natural and unrestrained on smiling, continue to connect to sing, Xi joss-stick the month also listen to have some deeply drunk! 1 finishes singing, the horse flies and the D Be small loose to absolutely become a good friend, theory rise age, the D is small loose smaller than Ma Fei 1 year old, hence, the horse flies become fly an elder brother. "Come to head red song?"Sitting the D before requesting song machine is small loose, interest upsurge, with rowed several bottoms, 《 Tuo bell 》of the prelude then ring out. Although"send war ally, step to advertise for a distance Michael Jordan Authentic Jersey, silent have no language of two tearses ……" is rather an old song, sing but also see capability, 2 people all really throw in and see one eye each other, is full of clever people like clever people. Who know this song that when just singing is half suddenly the door between the packs was pushed away, an orotund loudly shouted a way:"Do not know here which is my Xu Xiao Long's friend?"Because the light is darker, this person after entering a pack goes straight to some song machine Michael Jordan Womens Jersey, very expertly pressed mute!Hence, pack music Jia in however! "Take good care of all the way and more ……" D is very still small loose with Ma Fei tacit understanding but responsiblely finish singing this, then stop together bottom, see a person usually together. Though the light is gleaming, the horse flies of sight but outstrip ordinary people, his one eye sees, the bearer is exactly Xu Xiao Long!And, at Xu Xiao Long there are also at least four younger brothers after death. Ma Fei immediately let go of words tube, start to head for Xu Xiao Long, quietly D small loose and Xi joss-stick the month protect at after death:"You don't move to are two." Xu Xiao Long also saw clear at this time, dare the feeling alignment is own, unexpectedly harm at noon does oneself's uncle throw the officer's small farmer?Xu Xiao Long's in the mind is a space to ascend:Can see the energy of uncle Xu Qian draw down horse from the other party, this person must not be offended, purely the value aspect measures from the force, oneself is also very difficult to is the somebody else's opponent! Therefore, the subconscious ground of Xu Xiao Long Michael Jordan Youth Jersey, want to escape, but just backed an one step, run into after death of younger brother, not from turned read a think:Here is the field that I see son!Where do I can also back to go?The other party was this to beat to come? The horse flies orange wine, from the universe pot in move out some, quick spread all over the medicine dint of the wine to whole body, circulated the small magical power of orange wine, immediately, that the felling that belongs to Wu Lin's superior, re- returned to body inside! Ma Fei's confidence is hundred percent, smile way:"Xu Xiao Long, we meeteach other again." Xu Xiao Long Ning wears an eyebrow, the eye pupil son turns indiscriminately:"Is you?!Do you come to do what here?" Xu Xiao Long after death of younger brother Michael Jordan 45 Jersey, have a carry to chop down knife of say:"Is Long Ge an enemy opponent?Let the brotherses chop down him!" Ma Fei arrives at doorway and leave a station Xu Xiao Long in front of the door, the distance of only two meters, then Shi Shi however station settle, Mi rise eyes looking at him:"Xu Xiao Long, I come of the purpose is to want to tell you, hereafter dare again to harass Yang Xue, my Rao not you!"

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