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The month of Xi joss-stick nods to say:"Like, Zhang Ying, we also take a rest earlier, this work isn't so easy tomorrow." Hence Zhang Ying closed a hospital door Sammy Sosa Jersey, the horse flew to leave with spring orchid and went toward south mountain orchard to walk. "Ma Fei, you don't walk so quickly, elder brother's wife I fall behind you."The spring orchid walked urgently, Jiao-do not already breathe heavily. Ma Fei is lowering the head to deliberate what, the favour says:"." 2 people's a village, far and far see in the half place of this road, took a few tents, in still bright light, Ma Fei's attention hopes:"Elder brother's wife, that BE?" Spring orchid finally heel he shoulder to shoulder but go Willson Contreras Jersey, unexpectedly an embrace the left arm that the horse fly in the bosom:"Simpleton, that is certainly the construction brigade that gives or gets an electric shock an industry bureau." Feel she the softness before the chest tightly stick at she in the arm, Ma Fei not from a burst of and red-blooded top blunt:"The E, the elder brother's wife, doesn't carefully make the other people see so." The hand of spring orchid dishonestly slowly fondles on his hand, silently the voice says:"Black light blind fire of, who can see?You touch, is the elder brother's wife soft here." Before the spring orchid unties chest under the match of button, the horse flies of hand, drilled into successfully her collar inside, immediately, big and soft one regiment, then hold at hand in, spring orchid happily Jiao-sing a Yu Darvish Jersey, the dead dead holds tight the wrist that the horse flies. The horse flies on her ear silently a voice to say:"Elder brother's wife, you so, carefully I will put to death you." The leg of spring orchid keeps delivering soft:"You think a lane, make Bai, arrived orchard under etc., elder brother's wife what all to you, you would like to want elder brother's wife not?" This is the red fruit fruit to lead-guide!The horse flies one hand of shrinking and then left that to make public dynamic Wen Ruan:"Elder brother's wife, we not ability so, in case of make Zhang Ying know, this can be not good." Once the spring orchid stretch hand Eric Hosmer Jersey, and then held tight the hand that the horse flies:"The small bad egg don't worry, elder brother's wife doesn't say, how can Zhang Ying know?You stop worrying, the elder brother's wife in no case will make her knowing." Be grasped by her Wen Ruan's hand, Ma Fei has already responded it's super big, but strong endure:"Arrive orchard again say." The spring orchid is immediately mad with joy:"Ah walk quickly.Ma Fei's brothers, I know, Zhang Ying is all day long cold to you face, affirmation suppressed you bad, trust, elder brother's wife give you!I even if is for Zhang Ying, leak fire for you." Ma Fei Ye wears her hand and quickly dashes away:"Elder brother's wife, I can't waited for." The spring orchid side runs a side to say:"Running is a little bit slower, the elder brother's wife can not run again.I tonight clean bodies all, boy, protect your satisfaction." After electricity industry the bureau starts construction brigade there of time Johnny Manziel Jersey, Ma Fei just discover, starts construction the tent of brigade and leaves road to still have several appearances of ten meters. 2 people soon got into the orchard of south mountain, the spring orchid immediately put slow step:"Ma Fei there were no other people in orchard, you trusted boldly a lane."Her hand acrosses pants and grasps the key that the horse flies. Ma Fei is red-blooded up blunt, beat horizontal embrace to have her, hurtle into a log cabin in quick time. After a short moment, spread in log cabin of Zhi dumb voice, frighten the Qu Qu didn't dare to call as well, the moon also felt ashamed ground to hide into bank of clouds. Cloud scattered showers lives and rings out the spring orchid Jiao Jiao in log cabin-very soft voice:"Ma Fei's brothers, comfortable not?" "Is comfortable, too comfortable Ozzie Smith Jersey, elder brother's wife, just discommode you too much." "What discommode?Your boy is so severe, the elder brother's wife is comfortable and happy to be dying!You will not treat coldly elder brother's wife hereafter." Over settle a dispute, Ma Fei Ben wants to leave, but is pulled by the spring orchid dead dead, not much, again after plum open two degrees, the spring orchid gets fed up with in Ma Fei's bosom and unwilling to let go him to leave. "Ma Fei, the elder brother's wife is your person hereafter, you when want, the elder brother's wives all give you, as long as don't let my younger sister's son detection go.You can want painful elder brother's wife."If the spring orchid good elephant has already not said to finish and embrace the horse flies of waist, just don't put.

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