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Lin Yu Shu out and away says to the Ma Fei's father and son benignity:"Ma Fei's brothers, Ma Shu, you hereafter regardless meet what difficulty, all want to make a phone call for my Lin Yu Shu!Trust, at the whole dish Long Xiang Zi Di, no one dares to make it lively for you!To, I hear the fruit tree treatment and reformation making Ma Fei's brothers, to good purpose, elephant advanced person like this, we will devote major efforts to publicize!Wanting in the whole countrieses is going to whole countieses, the whole citieses publicize!Want to let Ma Fei's brothers become the model of whole city farmer study!" With state Fu tiger at of time as if not the same person Christian Laettner Duke Jersey, Lin Yu Shu talks and basically allows of no other people to interrupt, he sees brave toward Luo:"Luo's head of rural township, Yang Zhi Shu, this year Na new party-member, I see Ma Fei's brothers very qualified!I believe that aftertime's ancient tree Tun, flies in the horse of lead under, will definitely head for wealthy road together." Molar's in the mind a take out:Mess, this surname a words of the wood, chase the big power of the whole ancient tree Tun, move Ma Fei Shou to ascend!He turns small eyes and considers a counterplan, end but feel incapable for the dint Grant Hill Duke Jersey.In the absolute influence in front, any scheming is all futile. The hand that Lin Yu Shu finally released a horse to greatly protect, the horse greatly protects to lightly rub a hand, the good elephant is just enjoying in retrospect of'happy', Ma Fei hurriedly says:"Secretary wood, Luo's head of rural township, currently I want to cover a house, then fix good village the west is this road, as for in the future lead the person of hometowns to amass a fortune, is not a business of words either, always want stage by stage Grayson Allen Duke Jersey.I am young to have no experience, a lot of matters, also need Yang Zhi Shu's match." Lin Yu Shu takes thumb:"H'm!Ma Fei ah, the later thou tree Tun is the whole dish Long Xiang Zi Di's typical model!We want to stand on end this typical model in the whole countieses.You just said of repair road a problem, and the problem for building a house, address you literally choose and let Yang Zhi's books and newspapers comes up and then go, I promise, the village neighborhood definitely matches with with all strength, Yang Zhi Shu also definitely matches with with all strength!" Lin Yu Shu sees toward Luo's head of rural township:"Luo is brave, at the right moment civilization adjusts a person agency bureau, you hereafter be responsible for ancient tree Tun this one, many on the work with Ma Fei comrade combine for a while Harry Giles III Duke Jersey.To, the village master elects of matter, you hurriedly add up with Yang Zhi Shu for a while, the village master's position, can not get empty, either." Luo is brave to hurriedly nod:"Like, secretary wood, I remembered." Lin Yu Shu stood:"Ma Fei ah, you are young, represented the farmer of new generation, you were a thou tree the hope of the Tun, is also our whole dish Long Xiang Zi Di's hope.We the country government will release you with all strength, you can have thought preparation.Still have, strict old hereafter and the river is old to come to visit again of words, river asks Ma Fei's brothers to also notify me for a while, I also work well service for the old leadership, appreciate brothers." In fact Lin Yu Shu said along while, this is finally the real key, the front is all allly cushions. Ma Fei hurriedly says:"Must be certain Jabari Parker Duke Jersey, secretary wood trusts." Lin Yu Shu sees the form on the wrist:"It is late, we should also return to, Ma Fei's brothers, you hereafter work, all want to regard as oneself thou one handle knob of the tree Tun, make longer taste far consideration, you will become the whole farmer of impregnable city City's starting a business of star, I believe my taste!" Being some kind of is moving, the rate person of Lin Yu Shu leaves. The horse greatly protects elephant to still dream similar, he chokes Ma Fei Niang's leg:"I this not is dream?" The arm that beat him of the Pa ground of Ma Fei Niang is for a while:"Do you want to know if dream, choke me why?" The piece copies in one side and looking at this old two people to does foolish things, can once carry on the back a body to go, and the Wu mouth steals to smile Jack White Duke Jersey.In fact and just Lin Yu Shu speaks of the words have much of to instigate sex, can encourage a person as well and let Zhang Ying also feel that Ma Fei's prospect is infinite, just fought one molar. Zhang Ying sees toward Ma Fei:"I want the orchard keep my elder brother's wife company there, you send me." The horse greatly protects to immediately make expression of eyes toward Ma Fei:"Hurriedly send!" Ma Fei Niang also says:"Zhang Ying, you live in the orchard, much inconvenient, later live at our house." Zhang Ying shakes head, Ma Fei Niang says:"Be getting cooler evening sky, take some quilts again pass by." Zhang Ying is silent to nod, Ma Fei carries on the shoulder hard old Niang to fill the quilt of coming to hand the inside,

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