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spring orchid saw such a high big shadow of human figure, not from get a fright:"Shi ……what person?"Clown piece lately dies, the spring orchid is all day long suspicious, see black, taller big than Ma Fei a personal shadow walk, the ability isn't frightened. Ma Fei hurriedly makes a noise:"Elder brother's wife is that I sent Zhang Ying to come over." The spring orchid heard the voice that the horse flies Aaron Judge Jersey, immediately greatly settled in the heart and hurriedly took to begin an electricity to run to come over:"Yi?Does the Zha return to matter?Younger sister's son, you this is the Zha?Can't be get sick?" Zhang Ying sees her hand stretching toward she's forehead and hurriedly saying:"Elder brother's wife, I am carelessly all right, a road to ascend, Yi feet." The spring orchid hurriedly hands her down Aroldis Chapman Jersey, can piece the feet of shadow still don't dare to be stained with ground, hence 2 people hand Zhang Ying to the small bed in the log cabin, oil lamp although adjusting is the brightest, be still heel electric light light of bright degree the margin is bigger. When spring orchid hurriedly took off shoe for Zhang Ying, and then wanted to take off socks, Zhang Ying hurriedly blocked her:"Do not ……" her vision, flickeringly horizontal an eye stand beside of Ma Fei. Ma Fei is staring at this time big eyes, appreciate Zhang Ying that Xian beautiful feet Ya, who know that the somebody else doesn't let and has to Shan to smile 1:"That what, this feet Yi be not, can cure for a while, can use wine Zhi for a while, then massage, elder brother's wife, you for her solve for a while." The spring orchid nature isn't a simpleton, hurriedly say:"Ma Fei, can I can't ah!" Ma Fei Xin says that you can't be at the right moment.He is in the corner in the log cabin, with start to take one two pots of wine bottles of, the idea reads a to move, the inside had many purple wine, Ma Fei carried that half two pots of bottles Bernie Williams Jersey, pour into small the half cup in a wine glass before the table, then carried Zhang Ying's in front. Zhang Ying twisted Ni more:"I ……I can't drink." Ma Fei smiled:"Who make you drink, this wine is to use to Zhi for a while your wound." Piece beautiful Mou for copying Brett Gardner Jersey, gleamed several bottoms, say with the tone for begging:"Elder brother's wife, you help me not very good?" Spring orchid helpless stall hand:"Elder brother's wife I really can't ah, since Ma Fei Hui, make him come."She also gathers together Ma Fei nearby, but carries Zhang Ying and silently stretches hand and fly in the horse of bottom up, lightly Ning for a while. Ma Fei knows that she is to help himself/herself CC Sabathia Jersey, then heel she to next look in the eyes, then in earnest say to Zhang Ying:"Zhang Ying, you have to listen to now mine, I am a doctor, you are a patient, don't always so many slanting ideas." Zhang Ying stares his one eye:"Who there is slanting idea?Do you really cure Yi feet?" Ma Fei is confident:"Mere trifle, trust." Zhang Ying is still hesitating, the spring orchid is simply to say:"Younger sister's son, if you are ashamed, I go out etc.."Say words, direct log cabin, arrive an outside to wait for. Photocopy piece wants to make her guard here, it is thus clear that she went out and also had no to make her come back again.She looking at a horse and flies and uses the lighter to the wine in the wine cup and sparks and incredibly stretches hand and toward fire grasps and goes, not from surprised shout 1:"?" The spring orchid out of the log cabin Clint Frazier jersey, don't know that Ma Fei made what bad, but she peeped out bad smile:"This boy also really has a skill and made my younger sister's son painful?" The horse flies of another hand, at piece the ankle for copying, the Chou is quasi- one Ye, that socks took off down successfully:"Trust, the ignition point of wine is low, be unlikely to burn a person, this temperature on the contrary and at the right moment, beneficial to your instauration." Piece the feet Ya of shadow, have already completely exposed up in the air, Ma Fei not from red-blooded a flow out:Sky!Chemisette feet Ya, the Zha can grow so good-looking? "Alas!."Ma Fei a little bit one Leng absolute being, the wine on the hand still in the combustion, incredibly the handle knob burns painful. Zhang Ying got a fright:"The temperature of this wine too Gao?" "It Be free, stop worrying."Ma Fei is a little bit on jilting a hand, the wine burning on the hand destroyed, then the his right hand grasp toward wine cup and take blue Wang Wang's wine fire, hands quickly on rubbing, hence became hands to take fire, then took fiery hands, quick Wu to piece ankle for copying. "?"Zhang Ying got a fright and lowered the head to see go to own ankle, Ma Fei took the hands of blue fire, and incredibly the ankle in oneself smooth white is lightly massaging.

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