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First, this is the greatly good matter that brings benefit to descendant posterity to the whole ancient tree Tun, also convenience the later apple of the villagers can walk out and also have, the elephant is this kind of road, if isn't the relation that the horse flies Kris Bryant Jersey, which village fix of time, is it the villager that raises capital?You penny money need not take and up and directly allocate funds to repair road, this is the much good matter!If match not dint, this road can't keep on fixing!" The month of Xi joss-stick has eyes fixed on molar:"Secretary wood said that repairing road is a current political task, if matched with dint not, secretary wood visits relatives from interfere with!" Wang Wei Dong suddenly says:"To Yang Zhi Shu, we not is have a department orchard?The every villager is blunt to drop of fruit tree, the department orchard makes up deficiencies from, Zha kind?" Yang Zhi Shu is bad to ruthlessly stare his one eye:"This matter needs from after the party member of whole villageses negotiate again settle.Who can not literally make decision, either!" The beautiful Mou in month of Xi joss-stick a suddenly Shan Kyle Hendricks Jersey, sneer at 1:"Like, today's meeting arrives here, tomorrow morning 8:00, all village staffs gather at Zhang Ying Jia and do the villager's work together!"Talk, the month of Xi joss-stick turns rounded and then walked, the Qiao face contains frost. Molar's house of yard inside, everyone in every aspect and mutually Qu, silent respectively leave in a short while. Ma Fei leads the way, always fore the noodles walks and arrives Zhang Ying Jia, 2 people are also always silent. "Ma Fei, you came back!That, and head of rural township?"When piece the voice of shadow rang out, she faced to come up. Ma Fei points nearby of Xi joss-stick month:"This is the Xi head of rural township.This is Zhang Ying." Two beauties stand together Kyle Schwarber Jersey, compare differentiation.Zhang Ying is pure lovely, but slightly childish.Month of Xi joss-stick then mature generous, have some cold Ao. Certainly, month of Xi joss-stick's pouring with Zhang Ying is to pretty get along together, a few words and several years of friend. Hall house inside, the spring orchid Qiao Mou flicker, stare at on Ma Fei:"Oh, you go out for a day and finally came back." Ma Fei feels the vision of spring orchid inside and seem to have a thermodynamic energy with the highest temperature, not from knit the brows:"Elder brother's wife, you have no in the orchard." The spring orchid hurriedly says:"I this returns to Mark Grace Jersey, let the piece copy to accompany Xi here a head of rural township."She comes out a door of house and suddenly stopped again:"Ma Fei, you, can send me?My a trace of fear." The month of Xi joss-stick suddenly says:"You don't walk first, Ma Fei, sit down." The spring orchid also comes back from walking and stand on the hall house doorway, looking at month of Xi joss-stick and Ma Fei. The horse flies to sit on the part with Zhang Ying also and looking at opposite Xi joss-stick month, wait she to talk. Month of Xi joss-stick once ponder to say:"Ma Fei, I how feel Ron Santo Jersey, your village pays book and village Wei, to repair road good elephant how not aggressive." The spring orchid suddenly interrupts to say:"This has what strange?His molar narrow mind Bai!This road is what Ma Fei contacts, molar felt damage he is in the prestige and the fame in the village, the of course not would like to match with." The Xi joss-stick month point nods:"H'm, this pouring is very comprehension.Zhang Ying, do you feel?" Piece the favour of shadow and electricity industry bureau a day, a bit tired:"This matter really is so, moreover, the villagers have intention to see towards repairing road, being also each, especially the road both sides contains the villager of orchard Ryne Sandberg Jersey, worry most of be, the road opened widely, the fruit tree of oneself will be hurtled, if have no parlance, who would not like to lose the fruit tree of oneself, either." Month of Xi joss-stick dignified head in the location:"I am understand.To, is the department orchard it the Zha that return to matter?" The spring orchid angrily says:" The department orchard is in fact a villager to totally have!But, these in the last years, his molar chases department orchard be became the private plot of oneself, fruit tree seller's money packed into his own purse!" Month of Xi joss-stick the lips Cape Be tiny to hang up:"H'm, hurtled the villager's fruit tree, use making up deficiency of a department orchard, no wonder that the different idea of molar." Ma Fei Re slices ground to hope her:"What way did you have?" The month of Xi joss-stick is tiny to shake head:"See tomorrow's circumstance, I think, majority of villagers, should be a clear matter to manage.If this road fixs like, in the future south mountain development, the meeting brings all villagers income!Truth like this, still think impassability.

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