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I younger sister's son really is a big beauty, cry also so beautiful, no wonder that Ma Fei that boy go along with every wish to you." Zhang Ying not from burst once the Chi smile Roger Maris Jersey, the spring orchid sighs 1:"Is alas, younger sister's son, you today this matter, really excessively.Even if Ma Fei touches your feet, that has again what ah?He hereafter still need to touch your whole body, when the time comes, you not is to kick him, but held close him, ha ha." Zhang Ying doesn't already twist Ni:"Elder brother's wife, you don't blather." The spring orchid smiled:"While being a virgin Thurman Munson Jersey, elder brother's wife also elephant you so bashful, but, after getting married, your elder brother more tosses about me, I more comfortable."Make reference to here, her facial expression a miserably, and then thought of clown piece, " is alas, elder brother's wife I now is hate!Hate to die him, how can he walk so early?" Piece the tears of shadow gushed again:"Elder brother's wife." The spring orchid touches a piece the head of shadow:"Younger sister's son, we don't say these joyless matters.Later, you can remember the words of elder brother's wife, again can not to Ma Fei so!He likes to have your cheapness, that is to love you Yogi Berra Jersey, also explain that my younger sister's son has magic power be not?He wanted to be not interested in you really, don't like to have you cheapness, this wasjust ed in Dutch.So, Ma Fei's this boy hand is mean, he would like to touch, make himself difficult to touch Bai, anyway again can't little piece of meat, is be not?" Zhang Ying but shake:"Do not go, elder brother's wife, before getting married, I can not make him touch my body, otherwise, he hereafter will despise me." Spring orchid wry smile 1:"Is single now first Yun of many go to, connect have never got married to living an all having of the kid, younger sister's son, you are this brains, does the Zha die so?The man likes to steal the cat of Xing for the elephant Aaron Judge Authentic Jersey, you don't make him steal, if he steals other people, you grasp Be getting blinder." Zhang Ying hesitated for a while:"That, can not let, either he literally touches." The spring orchid smiled:"Touch have for a while what, anyway suppress to die him.Said again, Ma Fei now but Be getting richer, this man is rich, at outside world of wine and women, soon grow worse." Zhang Ying wanted to think:"He if dare to grow worse, I rested him." Spring orchid Chi one smiled:"Have not you married a somebody else Derek Jeter Authentic Jersey, can the Zha rest?Said again, you wanted to rest him, be not at the right moment give an another woman Teng place?Don't go, absolutely can not do so.Still have, if don't you marry him, marry who?Have to have ……to, spare tire?"All of this are to watch the television drama learning. Piece the shadow was induced a smile by her:"I where come of what spare tire ah, elder brother's wife you again be not don't know, younger sister's son is a simple-minded." The spring orchid sighs 1:"Words like this, Ma Fei's this boy, whole life ate to settle you.Younger sister's son, be not I say you, this is the life.Your whole life, destine be to Ma Fei when the cow does a horse, dry over live him can give you a green grass, old happiness." Zhang Ying a little bit defies spirit:"I with what give he is does the cow do a horse?" The spring orchid You You ground says:"Elder brother's wife compare you through get many, you ah, elephant is up the cow of set, have no the life ground go toward ex- pull, this temper, can the Zha change?" 2 sister-in-law Gus lie on the bed Luke Voit Authentic Jersey, and then said along while strictly personal talk and imperceptibly slept. On the second day, be Zhang Ying's breakfast arrive at Ma Fei Jia of time, Ma Fei is taking two pieces of papers, at small make sorrow before the table:"Oh, Zhang Ying, you came at the right moment, I quite a few year motionless pen, you write to join political party written application for me!It is quickly quick." Zhang Ying surprise:"Join political party written application?You this speed is still pretty quick." Ma Fei smiled:"That is certainly!Just the He set Wei of village neighborhood to lead, let me write written application right away, say is that I prepared a party member!Hey Hey.We of join political party introducer, know is who not?" Zhang Ying Leng Leng:"Molar?" Ma Fei nods:"To!He calculates a , the another is secretary wood of our country!Hey Hey." Zhang Ying Bai's his one eye:"Sui you smile that satisfied strength." "Does the horse fly at home?"Molar's voice rings out in the yard. "At, at, Yang Zhi Shu, what matter?"Ma Fei hurriedly faces to go out. Take a few forms in molar's hand:"This is to apply for the form that the old building reforms, you hold firmly to fill for a while and clap a few photographs of old houses again, and in a short while I send over there for village neighborhood."

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