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he sees Ma Fei unexpectedly protect himself/herself unclearly, vision inside not from peep out to ponder of color, curiously have eyes fixed on Ma Fei, see his connecting down will do what. The month of Xi joss-stick then leaves Ma Fei hard a little bit farer Aaron Judge Jersey, the fighting skill that she once saw the horse flying at noon, just hope that oneself doesn't influence his exertion good. Although Xu Xiao Long is also a rascal,realizes own backstage to pour like this after experiencing a throwing of uncle officer now, oneself become have no depend on of float Ping, even if is an eyes in eldest brother in, own perhaps of the value was also significant to shrink, therefore, he a change the past days of overbearing, incredibly talk a bit soft:"Yang Xue?I ain't interested in she." He after death of the younger brother suddenly interrupt conversation:"Long Ge, isn't Yang Xue Long Sao whom you want to take down?This boy this is to say what which?Put to death him!" Another younger brother also loudly says:"Long Ge lets me teaches him how to be a person!" Xu Xiao Long Mi rises eyes and stares at Ma Fei:"Good you Ma Fei, you intentionally come to have fun here, be exclusively wait mine?" Ma Fei Wei nods:"BE." Xu Xiao Long suddenly a saw Ma Fei the after death tiny laughing D is small loose, not from Leng Leng, then wiped to wipe eyes, Zhang Kou will say "hello", who know that at this time the D is small loose tiny shake a hand, make him not talk, Xu Xiao Long's air Aroldis Chapman Jersey, immediately change Huan to get up:This horse flies, with he exactly is what relate to?What circumstance is this exactly? The dead hopeless situation of Xu Xiao Long stared at D small loosen one eye, say to Ma Fei:"Like, I promise, can't harass Yang Xue again, this you trusted?" Ma Fei on the contrary feels pretty surprised:This is also too smooth?Xu Xiao Long incredibly can take soft?Like this and on the contrary disrupted Ma Fei to prepare the step of bottom.Originally prepared to beat Ma Fei, on the contrary didn't make moves of reason. Ma Fei coldly stares him:"Xu Xiao Long Bernie Williams Jersey, the he-man gentleman, keeps one's promises!If Yang Xue is subjected to any harassment again, my Ma Fei doesn't mind to come here one more!" Xu Xiao Long after death of the younger brother still want hoot, just one exit, was scolded by Xu Xiao Long to return to:"Shut up!"Then Xu Xiao Long embrace a boxing to Ma Fei:"Ma Fei, we are regarded as not to bealso at not acquaint with Brett Gardner Jersey, I know your energy also not small, today your consumption, be regarded as my Xu Xiao Long please of, hereafter again meet, we are friends, how?" "Friend?"Ma Fei felt more surprised, " Xu Xiao Long, as long as you promise to no longer harass Yang Xue, everything all say." Xu Xiao Long in earnest nods:"Good!Gentleman one promise daughter, I promised!You continue to have fun and see again."Xu Xiao Long directly take last door, leave! Ma Fei doesn't already puzzle CC Sabathia Jersey, Leng the Leng just turn body once and see D small loose one face smile still, not from the head of Nao Nao:"This slowly little dragon isn't so bad either." The D is small loose smile way:"How, is flying the elder brother specialized to come to deal with his?Is Yang Xue your girl friend?" Ma Fei shakes head a to smile:"Unexpectatively, the original preparation does with him a , but by chance peaceful ending, ha ha."His getting around Yang Xue is the problem that isn't he's girl friend. "?Does "D small loose eye in many order what, " do 1?You took a female companion, do with Xu Xiao Long?" Ma Fei orders:"To small loose, you how here?" The D is small loose smile cloud the thin breeze is light:"Fly an elder brother, do you know me?" Ma Fei shakes head and nods:"Is original incognizance, now know." The D is small loose smile way:"I is follow a few classmates to sing to play, I beat them hair to walk, we continue."He didn't walk out, but by hand machine, quickly delivered a news in the tiny letter, laid up a cellular phone. Ma Fei wants to stop him:"Ah, do not, small loose, is so, I feel Xu Xiao Long's performance not to, perhaps he went out to shout a person, so, you still leave, I stay to wait him here." "Ha ha."D small loose cachinnation, " flies an elder brother Clint Frazier jersey, isn't taking me the not appropriate brothers ?Now that Xu Xiao Long may fail to keep promise, I can not even leave, can I also calculate an assistant and right at least?" Have been backing at backmost Xi joss-stick month, certainly also always with observe D small loose, she suddenly says at this time:"The D is small loose, what person are you exactly?Xu Xiao Long why afraid you?" The D is small loose to seem just and realize after death to still have a big beauty:"Alas!, big beauty, you feel Xu Xiao Long is afraid I?" Month of Xi joss-stick at that time left Xu Xiao Long farther, heard D small loose ask so, on the contrary had some take prohibit:"Ma Fei carefully falls into their traps."

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