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really too kind change!Don't say in the moment this 100 change witch's head of rural township, say heroic bearing Lee, when 2 people are placed in place of doom, heroic bearing Lee is ever and madly with Ma Fei love love Jorge Posada Jersey, get along with and the husband and wife are similar, but place of doom, heroic bearing Lee now disappeared to disappear, even the telephone didn't beat as well.Ma Fei suddenly thoughts of:Might it not be, is she waiting my telephone? Thinking of heroic bearing Lee is the then bold and unconstrained, now again so easily ashamed, Ma Fei also can shake head wry smile:It is kind to change. Luckily my house's Zhang Ying, pour is just as since go toward, just she defends she and defends a thief, alas.Is the most gentle and soft to oneself, nothing is better than at the spring orchid elder brother's wife, indeed as expected BE'play so much however elder brother's wife', whether seek an opportunity, spring orchid elder brother's wife to eat? "The D is small loose cut off remarkable Lou Gehrig Jersey."The Xi joss-stick that opens car month, suddenly came again such a. Ma Fei doubt:"H'm?" Month of Xi joss-stick of voice, equanimity but icy cold, even very mild:"When Xu Xiao Long's younger brother wants to chop down you, the D is the slightest small loose also not panic, so with grace stand, also infused one mouthful beer.You say that if is so calmly the common run of people, can have a town to settle?The other party is at least 56 strong men which, and he that kind of anything but pack out calmly.Still have, he looks very bold and unconstrained, very kind and genial, but, one of his action, all deeply is a , H'm, should be called grace, only was subjected to since the childhood good and lowbrow, and the body occupied the person of high, so as to have so of look down world of qualities Luke Voit Jersey, although I say not too and clearly,always have this felling." Ma Fei nods:"." Month of Xi joss-stick said along while, but had to a response of word, not from spirit way:" Is what mean?" What about Ma Fei mouth:"Be know." The month of Xi joss-stick says:"Do not you feel that the D is small to loosen this person not pretty general?" Ma Fei orders:"H'm, my Ma Fei isn't general either." Month of Xi joss-stick Chi ground a smile:"Qi, you this is the silly Dan Mariano Rivera Jersey, somebody else's D is small loose different, that is 1 kind to have ready plans to meet a situation, the felling for looking down upon." Ma Fei not from sourly say:"Love oil, Xi big beauty can't be fall in love with him at the first sight?Wanting don't I and be the D small to is loose to say for a while?" The Xi joss-stick month corner of mouth is tiny to raise:"Is so hasty to go toward to outside push me?You what meaning?" Ma Fei hurriedly holds tight a words head:"We two nothing important, what call into to push outside, I is BE how are you." The Xi joss-stick month sneer:"'Is you well'?Is this'is you well', the Qiang harmed how much young man of interest and dream, chase original genius, mediocre man became to obey rules and regulations, alas." Ma Fei smiled:"Love oil, the bosom just doesn't meet Mickey Mantle Jersey, regrets very many." Once Lin Yu Shu's stertor stop, opened eyes:"Yi?What are you chatting?Is so noisy?What keep in mind just don't meet." The month of Xi joss-stick once connects words Chi:"Say Ma Fei Bai, with his skill, test one the slightly good university should be all right, can is one small farmer now." Lin Yu Shu ha ha a smile:"Ma Fei's brothers this small farmer is remarkable!To, tomorrow start, Xi head of rural township, you can stare at a tight thou tree Tun, must that covering of road problem solution, then you can return to village neighborhood to check in.Need the words of police substation help moreover, let them send persons to all pass by." The month of Xi joss-stick nods:"Know, I stationed in ancient tree Tun tonight, with pay a book molar combine for a while, secretary wood stops worrying." Lin Yu Shu is satisfied with head in the location:"H'm, Xi head of rural township, I to your work ability, certainly rest assured." Hence, 3 people at halfway up of wayside stand Paul O'Neill Jersey, literally ate point thing, then the month of Xi joss-stick sends back Lin Yu Shu to the country government and carries Ma Fei to go straight to ancient tree Tun. Ma Fei, who sits on the rear row, sees she drive car quickly, the favour says:"Ah, Xi head of rural township, need not put together so?The matter of repairing road just starts running a procedure and concretely when starts construction, it's yet early which." The month of Xi joss-stick is tiny to shake head:"Ma Fei, repairs road a work to look in brief, but wants cover a work to attain in front, once starting repairing road, if someone stands out to cause disturbance and obstructs a work project, I this face be gone toward where put?" Seeing is already 7:30 p.m., sky already evening, Ma Fei wry smile way:"Cover a work, should from pay a book molar manage, my this common little people, don't participate in."

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