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Zhang Ying walks fore noodles suddenly say:"Ma Fei, business of today a day, true with dream similar." Ma Fei says:"Have what rare of, officialdom ecosystem, so." Zhang Ying stopped a step Javin DeLaurier Duke Jersey, Ma Fei carried on the back after almost bumping her and hurriedly stopped, and Zhang Ying has eyes fixed on Ma Fei:"You say honest words, is how to know river Feng master son?Still have, that river,such as jade, exactly heel you what relate to?I how feel the look in the eyes that she see you, does the good elephant have ghost?" Ma Fei's wry smile 1:"You at eat my vinegar, Hey Hey." Zhang Ying humed 1:"Who eat your vinegar, say quickly, the river exactly develops with you such as the jade which tread?" Ma Fei wanted to think:"Pull, take a walk street, have rice …… these." Zhang Ying sneers at 1:"Is very good!Pretty there is woman the good luck of Jay Williams Duke Jersey."Talk, she in quick time ex- go, ignore a horse to fly any further. Ma Fei isn't beaten oneself's slap by Pa ground:"This mouth Zha is this mean!Did the Zha even speak the truth?This descended to break down, the vinegar altar son tipped over." Ma Fei embraces a quilt to try to catch up with:"Zhang Ying, I and she is true of these, I to she have no viewpoint!Really!" The piece copies good elephant drive a vigorously urge, the frequency of legs is specially quick, the spirit shouts that the ground says:"There is the police-woman to grow you this words and you that say!" Ma Fei discommodes matchless:"Be not ……Zhang Ying, if I so say with somebody else Jayson Tatum Duke Jersey, river, ,such as jade, :'Feed, two of us also pull and take a walk street and have rice, can have no what special relation.', Doesn't the somebody else still be the mental derangement to me?" Zhang Ying is just disregard and continues to walk quickly. Ma Fei urgently makes track for:"Zhang Ying, isn't your Zha understand?Somebody else, river, is like the vice- bureau chief of the jade but the city police department!How can the somebody else have a liking for my this small farmer?I so of, not not very good within the scope of the somebody else's visual field?Also take me to be a treasure for you." Piece shadow of step the sudden live Jeff Mullins Duke Jersey, Ma Fei very doesn't live and bump to carry on the back after her up, the piece copies into front Lie Ju for a while, the spirit shouts that the ground says:"What do you say?I am when you ……be treasure?" Once Ma Fei Hei's Hey smile, the words breeze signs to turn:"Is that I was the treasure to you, ha ha."He feels that can and the stroll in Zhang Ying Ye is a matter that enjoys especially. Zhang Ying with no reason distemper JJ Redick Duke Jersey, continue in quick time ex- go. Ma Fei Zhi can keep up with in quick time:"Ah, Zhang Ying, has your testing to drive been already shone on?" Zhang Ying says:"I at up university of time test." Ma Fei is immediately happy:"Ha ha, too good!The I is this Audi Q7, you hereafter open for me and do my driver, Zha kind?" The speed that Zhang Ying walks doesn't aware of self ground slow some:"How does that go?Although I tested to drive to shine on, can quite a few the year have never driven, I see that big guy, frightened." Ma Fei finally found out the topic that Zhang Ying would like to be about, the nature held tight not to put:"Is afraid of?Opening is several more of good.You tomorrow take a car to do, car's destroying by knocking is free and anyway have insurance be not?As long as your careful you went." Zhang Ying has a little interrogative:"That I if drive that car, do you go out Zha to do?" Ma Fei takes out a rightness of keys:"Am I to still have a motorcycle?In fact open that motor to go out, also stand cow B." Zhang Ying suddenly thinks of just of topic Joey Baker Duke Jersey, not from step again quick many:"Hum, open motor to go out not to go, insecurity."Because she is absent-minded, suddenly ah!1, stumble several bottoms, squat down at ground up. Ma Fei got a fright:"Zhang Ying, what's the matter with you?"He quickly gathers together nearby, Zhang Ying smells her body up send forth naturally of young girl body joss-stick, the horse flies of the heart slightly float in the sky. Zhang Ying painfully says:"My feet Yi." Forward the Ma Fei noodles tooks a look, the night view is also just deep, have no person on the road, and the horse flies and then says:"Come, the handle knob gives I." Zhang Ying at this time also can't, had to thousand times and with reluctance pass own left hand.

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