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Ma Fei is touched ground of to embrace the boxing as gift:"Is two have already solved a current difficulty for me, I have been very thankful." River Feng makes faces ground to say:"Ma Fei's brothers, old strict this old face, can be much stronger than me, he since opened mouth, and you could seize the opportunity." One eye that was strict to open mountain to stare river Feng says to Ma Fei:"If you don't listen to his blah, I am strict to open mountain and put here, any times are all useful, as long as you meet solution not of difficulty, make a phone call for me.Even if I can not solve Kobe Bryant High School Jersey, can ast least also help favour." Ma Fei doesn't know that if Shen Fu Hu can get strict open mountain of such a promise, perhaps make him recognize strict open the mountain as adopted father will also recognize right away. Ma Fei repeatedly nods:"That appreciated master son first." River Feng being strict to open mountain elephant is similar heroic:"Ma Fei, I have already recognized your this brothers!Hereafter make the old strict elder brother go.Press to say, you cured illness for me, I certainly needed to give you some to diagnose a fee Kyrie Irving Duke Jersey."Say words, he takes out a bank card, " noodles has 100,000 here, although not much, brothers you have to receive, this doesn't diagnose a fee on the whole and Be just some mere trifle." Ma Fei hurriedly stands up to decline:"Strict master son ……" Is strict to open mountain to immediately interrupt:"Call an old strict elder brother!" Ma Fei is helpless:"Old strict elder brother, this money I can not accept, you Zheng wages, saved a point to retire to enjoy life money also not easy." Is strict to open mountain to start to stare eyes:"Brothers, this is the old strict elder brother to send a little small money that is used for your development, you want not to receive, be despise your old strict elder brother."Pa, the bank card directly throws in the table Larry Bird Indiana State Jersey, " password is six eight, you want to really don't accept, I got angry!" Ma Fei doesn't want to accept his money, want stay him this relates to hereafter use, therefore, urgently and urgently shake a hand:"Old strict elder brother, this money I really can not accept, I ……" he will ask for help of vision, hope toward river Feng, the latter then smiles happily ground to looking at and suddenly also takes out a bank card, "brothers ah, doing not hope me can advise old strict, I these 80,000 although is a little bit little Lebron James High School Jersey, haven't sent out to go to, you receive together, don't dislike my little.Trust, you this again not is take bribe!You want a development at present, don't spend money, these are two old elder brothers to help yours and promise that the background knows, who also have no business an interference." Is strict to open mountain to feel 2 people match with still just as since to ground good, not from smile:"Ha ha, Ma Fei's brothers, I beg you a matter." Ma Fei hurriedly sat regularly:"Old strict elder brother say, please." The way that is strict to open a mountain smile:"When you this south mountain agriculture garden was finished, I come over for some days, you can not go toward outside Nian, when the time comes brothers you have to provide board and lodging Lonzo Ball Ucla Jersey, I satisfied!" The Zhang cachinnation of Ma Fei Fu:"Ha ha, good!"He isn't worn a phrase by Du Rang, " south mountain agriculture garden ……H'm, this name good, the old strict elder brother is indeed as expected to speak eloquently, this name rise of good." Is strict to open mountain fascination also is the highest:"?Do you make sure to use this name?Ha ha, change south mountain agriculture development company, you are becoming long run, meet any difficulty, can seek our old both the elder brothers, anyway our retiring is free, run about on errands for brothers obligation, old river, Zha kind?" River Feng applauses:"Good!This matter I like!"He stands up, toward Ma Fei's obeisance, " Ma Zong, please receive two old employees who don't want wages, river Feng and strict open mountain, check in to you." Ma Fei hurriedly shakes a hand:"Two old elder brothers don't stir me, as long as being my employee, having to have wages, hereafter will have five the insurance is one gold, will never accept don't wages, ha ha." Is strict to open mountain more is to see Ma Fei say like this, more feel that seeing Ma Fei is easy on the eyes:"Like, good brothers, we also want to leave today, you can remember, do you still have a pair the employee!"Seize firmly the horse flies of hand Michael Jordan Unc Jersey, strict opened mountain to make an effort to tremble to tremble, a words from now on were a brothers. The river,such as both the brother and sister dragon, comes back from walking:"Alas!, you chat pretty noisily, say what?" Zhang Ying also sees two master sons seemed to enter an one step more with feelings that horse fly, the tender heart is dark pleased, her beautiful Mou the dozen turn between 3 people, also very curious about they are how can suddenly thus close.

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