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Ma Fei smiled:"Good!Being small is loose, not my Kua you, you are this level, can go to and be a singer." The D is small loose bitterness wear face:"I pour is want to be a singer to wear Derek Jeter Jersey, but, the home doesn't let, the old daddy is too unprogressive." Ma Fei is some angry:"There is still now not so progressive parent!Be really of!Is small loose, another day I advise uncle Ding , he was this dead brains, really needed to change to change." Listen to Ma Fei say his/her own old daddy'dead brains', the D is small loose admire ground a smile:"Fly an elder brother to can say that again!Another day I make you advise him!Ha ha!Come, we immediately after sing just this, from the first." 2 people sang fully more than a hour with the song member of association Don Mattingly Jersey, is still that the idea still don't exert of appearance, the D is small loose to see start machine:"Oh, I must walk, have to go home to have supper punctually, ha ha." Ma Fei says:"Being small is loose, where do you live?We have a car and send you for a while." The D is small loose to shake head:"I live very nearly and walk to return to good."Hence stayed a contact method, left. Month of Xi joss-stick very long behind, mumblingly say:"Ma Fei, my intuition tells me, the D is small to loosen this person remarkable." Ma Fei's pouring is a doesn't matter and drank beer to say:"Is remarkable?That how again?We are just song friends.To, today's beer but don't need a list of, can vigorously drink, ha ha." The month of Xi joss-stick also takes a bottle beer to go toward to infuse in belly and say after finishing infusing:"Your this person is also remarkable." Ma Fei makes fun:"Your this woman which-not and usually Gary Sanchez Jersey." He incredibly uses of is the city play in the Zhi Dou to sing a chamber. The month of Xi joss-stick pounded him for a while:"I say with you serious of, you take me to seek Xu Xiao Long, the courage is enough strong, you lost for the not afraid dozen, then two of us be held tight by them, I am a women ……the end affirm wretched." Ma Fei Pa 's ground a clap breast:"Did not beat a tiger skill, would not dare to ascended mountain ridge?There is no diamond, I also not the Lan china live, Hey Hey." The Xi joss-stick month Wan his one eye:"Ability of you Giancarlo Stanton Jersey.To, you how still say me what not and usually?Know I am getting more severe?" The horse flies toward him to stick out thumb:"The Xi head of rural township is really a woman of great capability, you are what I once saw, the second woman who has this kind of courage." The month of Xi joss-stick immediately defied to annoy:"The second?There is also the first?Exactly is who?" Ma Fei shakes head not to say:"Walk, am I still getting more hungry." The month of Xi joss-stick doesn't depend on and catches up to worry his arm:"You say quickly that the first exactly is who?I to want and see, can once cover mine, exactly is what kind of woman?" Ma Fei naturally what to say is heroic bearing Lee Gleyber Torres Jersey, he scrutinized one eye Xi joss-stick month:" You?Want to compare with her force?Hey Hey, affirmation is the result that is everywhere to seek a tooth." The month of Xi joss-stick keeps indulging in arguments:"Say quickly, exactly is who?" Ma Fei naturally says:"This person also knows, is our village of, heroic bearing Lee." "?"The Xi joss-stick month is dish Long Xiang Zi Di's staff, certainly is know and this person of clear heroic bearing Lee, hearing what Ma Fei said is her, the month of Xi joss-stick is still true and then can't answer criticism, very long after, when 2 people come out KTV front door, she just angrily says:"She once was special kind soldier, I don't go than force affirmation with her, but, here, I am tooer many than her strong!Hum."She points of, is own brain. What about Ma Fei mouth:"In the absolute force in front, any schemings are just a joke." The month of Xi joss-stick is cold to hum 1:"In the real intelligence in front, any force is all unworthy a lift." Ma Fei's wry smile shakes head Joe DiMaggio Jersey, don't argue with her again and just arrived at that mulberry tower Na neighboring district, heard the tidal wave sort of Lin Yu Shu's shouting voice, Ma Fei not from Za tongue:"Good!Secretary wood this shouts, be rated as to shout king." The month of Xi joss-stick bursts once the Chi smile and draw back a car door sit a driver, launch a car, Ma Fei certainly sits at her positive rear. Drive car come of Xi joss-stick month, and then resumed the female head of rural township's dispassion, dignified, in KTV of'small too younger sister'qualities, don't know to hide where, is almost silent the language is not. The horse flew to in the center move to move, from the rear of the side, with the most comfortable posture, look at the Xi of being absorbed in the motoring joss-stick month,

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