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Ma Fei's wry smile:"Return be really Andre Dawson Jersey, before person, you are dignified beauty but again capable female head of rural township, at the time that we two lived alone, you wered a witch!" The month of Xi joss-stick lightly smiles:"Frighten to death a baby?" Ma Fei's wry smile:"I don't like to be passive." The month of Xi joss-stick lightly hums:"That you active?" Horse's flying is choked for a while Anthony Rizzo Jersey, simply with silent deal with her. The month of Xi joss-stick tallies up:"There is wicked heart that have no thief Dan." Ma Fei Nu:"You don't the letter believe me now and then shake with your car?" Month of Xi joss-stick Zhi ground a Cha car:"Come, who afraid who ah?" Ma Fei not from shrunk to shrink a head:"Ah, quickly to the tree Tun in thou, doing not be whole those is useless." The Xi joss-stick month despise ground Pie Pie mouth:"The wave takes a lot of time and was ungrateful to youth."Launch vehicle again afresh. The horse flies her Liao of quilt to stir a bit evilly-fire up flow out, hurriedly transfer a topic:"Go, the front was left to turn, to Yang Zhi's calligraphist." The month of Xi joss-stick stops a car the time in front of molar David Ross Jersey, clearly see inside in the yard of molar's house bright light, Xi joss-stick the month be flirtatiously walked Ma Fei hasn't entered a hospital door nearby, her right hand, suddenly and dishonestly fly toward the horse of the Kua touch go, Ma Fei immediately got a fright and depressed voice to say:"What are you dry?It carefully be seen."Finish saying this, Ma Fei very anxious to oneself's slap:Isn't the stage dialogue that should be a girl very good?Ma Fei ambiguously remembers that spring orchid elder brother's wife the good elephant once said similar words. Xi joss-stick the month seem for can adjust-drama for a while Ma Fei, have much of interest, see Ma Fei respond so greatly, she is unexpectedly fierce to wriggle Jiao-hip, walked into the yard of molar's house in quick time, Ma Fei Liang at the hospital door is outside Ernie Banks Jersey. Yard inside, molar, accountancy and Wang Wei Dong still has a few squads long, all sit on one small before the table, is playing poker, the good elephant is the voice that heard a pass car door, molar has already stood:"Yi?The head of rural township of the Xi, you really came, please quickly." The month of Xi joss-stick is light a smile:"The work first, I certainly want to all through the night rush through, this has what strange?To, I live tonight Zhang Ying Jia, you need not arranged, we says first to repair road of matter." Molar hurriedly says:"Like well, the work first Javier Baez Jersey, the Xi head of rural township is really a good staff!To, matter repair road, the Zha kind of contact?" The month of Xi joss-stick sits betwixt small stool up, look around 1 turn:"Tomorrow, we immediately develop a work, this covering of road problem solution, what problem does everyone have?" Molar says:"The problem is getting bigger, an or so two meters path, can not shunt a car at all, all of both sideses are the villagers orchards, if want to cover, affirm and have a lot of orchards of door, there is some troubles in this matter." The month of Xi joss-stick at quiet says:"This matter certainly wants you this pays book and each village Weis to work more, I affirmative help, the specification of this road not the ability is low, have to at least five meters half breadth, and roadbed, I think Kerry Wood Jersey, there are or so seven meterses about, press this a standard performance." Molar's air changed to change:"What?Seven meters?This ……the matter in"he tooks a look others, " Be difficult to did." The in the mind space in month of Xi joss-stick ascends for a while:"How difficult do?Originally of road both sides, each enlarge two meters more, take road to keep, work be so." Molar ponders to say:"The road both sides can is all orchard, two words of many meter, affirmation wants many fruit trees all the strategic area drop, the fruit tree is the villager's at heart meat, tomorrow this work, the difficulty affirm not small." Wang Wei Dong also says:"Yes, this work is getting more difficult." Accountancy blinks eyes:"The work that we match with village neighborhood as far as possible be, the Xi head of rural township trusts." Another with gratitude:Have been giving reader's friend of this book hurl recommendation ticket!Recommendation ticket, collect, beat to appreciate, is all support to this book, the authors are all similar with gratitudes. Month of Xi joss-stick a listen to they say so, immediately the heart kept on sinking, her beautiful Mou comes to return to turn round to turn and taps softly table.

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