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The spring orchid nestles a Qin head at him is before the chest:"H'm, the elder brother's wife became your employee Tony Gwynn Jersey, you hereafter retire to enjoy life for me, can elder brother's wife's falling asleep smile to come to, to Ma Fei, Zhang Ying make me learn how to keep books, you say useful not?" Ma Fei uses face Ceng Ceng her Qiao face:"Is certainly useful, after, elder brother's wife you have to take charge as chief for me, can not loaf on job." The spring orchid gets fed up with a voice to say:"The elder brother's wife is all your dead would like to.You stop worrying, I understand, I hereafter will see reside for you." Ma Fei feels in the mind Noan-noan:"Elder brother's wife ……do you let how I thank you?" The spring orchid You You ground says:"What thank don't thank of Wil Myers Jersey, as long as you go along with more elder brother's wife, it lets the elder brother's wife have to depend on, I am getting more contented." 2 people got fed up with along while, Ma Fei finally still not dared and slept in the orchard together with her and then called to the black piece and the small white and give repeated advice to to them some kind of, and then kissed a spring orchid some kind of Aristides Aquino Jersey, after starting again use water in the universe pot to the vegetable in the big Peng sprinkle 1 time, this just mood the big Chang ground leave. Return to a house, Ma Fei and then join political party written application Teng copy 1 time, this just go to bed rest, take out a cellular phone, suddenly think of:Hold a meeting tonight, heroic bearing Lee didn't arrive!Hence open tiny letter, opened a data network, to heroic bearing Lee deliver a question mark in the past:Tonight the village Weis conference, how didn't you come? The hair finishes news Barry Larkin Jersey, originally think that heroic bearing Lee's affirmation has been already slept, but the handle knob machine puts at part lie like. Is tinkling, tiny letter news voice!Ma Fei Sou pickeds up a cellular phone all of a sudden and set aside and then sawed the information that heroic bearing Lee returns:"Am I in the county city, early in the morning tomorrow affirm to return to." Ma Fei quickly returns to news:"You also early take a rest, tomorrow repair road of matter, probably will be not smooth." Heroic bearing Lee a good half-day just returns:Know, stop worrying, I would make an effort. Ma Fei feels that 2 people's conversation, some too authorities, then and gingerly asked 1:Are you not so bad? Heroic bearing Lee returns pretty quickly:What do you point?My leg?Is quite good of ah. "What leg ah, I certainly know your leg already like Derek Dietrich Jersey, I am to say, you not is living my to annoy?" Connect down, no matter how Ma Fei say, heroic bearing Lee has no message of reply again.The horse didn't understand heroic bearing Lee's viewpoint, depressed don't know to when just sleep already and not. Ma Fei isn't knowing BE, drive he so on bothering, in fact heroic bearing Lee also was to toss about, could not fell into sleep.She wants with Ma Fei how keep on getting along with?Let it be so his feeling-person?Or rupture a relation with him?This problem, perplexs her for two days, she by herself must also not the conclusion of affirmation, break off friendship, she loathe to give up, keep on getting along with like this, she feels an injustice again and marries his affirmation not to go, difficult. Ma Fei says to miss her body Eric Davis Jersey, heroic bearing Lee almost said to seek Ma Fei!But have already still kept enduring,did not dare to return to the news that the horse flies again. Early in the morning on the second day, heroic bearing Lee opens her Toyota violent in action and arrives at thou tree Tun, she to thou the tree Tun certainly acquaint with of can not acquaint with again, road both sideses' all having whose orchard is also clear, therefore, she arrived two this Xing Li first of, told them, it is the important event in the village to repair road,

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