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Student Storage is Getting Better Amid COVID-19 Pandemic There are 2 replies:
Student Storage is Getting Better Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Original post: Wed 12/16/2020 at 1:08 AM

The coronavirus has put the entire globe in a state of emergency for nearly a year now. A major part of the world is suffering from the social and economic damages caused by the pandemic and further deterioration can only be prevented with a dependable vaccine.

Apart from old citizens and individuals with pre-existing disorders, students are considered amongst the hardest hit portion of society.

From the miseries of delayed exams to the unproductive online classes, 2020 has not been a great year for many students. However, unlike much of the analogue industries, student storage has shown impressive resilience against the virus with new and improved safety protocols.


Safety protocols for student storage

Invisible to the human eye, the coronavirus has long survival periods on different surfaces. On top of that, the 2-weeks incubation period makes it difficult to identify an infected person.

Hence, a lot of companies in the self-storage industry have developed strategies to protect their customers and employees from the virus. Social distancing and mask-wearing are two of the many procedures practised by student storage in the newly revised operations protocols.

Before being taken inside the storage units, all your items are properly disinfected. Items like cardboard boxes and wooden furniture, where coronavirus can survive for over 24 hours, need proper cleaning and sanitizing before they can be stored.

Similarly, items made of plastic and stainless steel, which are known to accommodate the virus for several days, are also duly cleaned before they can be stored.


Cancelled contracts and student storage

With the spread of the coronavirus at its peak, many landlords are reported to have abruptly cancelled or refused to renew the rental contracts with student residents.

Although the pre-deposits are refunded in most cases, the notice periods are short which leaves the students miserable with the burden of their belongings. This often tempts the students to either sell their items for cheap prices or simply donate them to charity.

Apart from that, since online classes have been trending during the lockdowns, many universities have also refunded residence fees. Following this, a lot of students have sold their items to go home.  

Student storage is extremely helpful in such scenarios. Convenient registration, affordability, and reliability make personal storage a much better option over alternate accommodation.


How to use student storage?

Student storage is a cost-effective way to cut yourself loose from all your extra belongings and the things you may not need until the end of the lockdown, such as sports items, suits, etc.

Moreover, the coronavirus is highly contagious, so the lesser items you have in your surroundings, the lower your chances of contraction would be. Begin by rearranging your living space and separating all the items that can be stored away in a cheap personal storage unit.

Depending on your budget and the number of your items, you can use the internet to look for student storage units near you and find the one that suits your wallet as well as your needs.

Once you have found a suitable personal storage unit, you can request for removal facilities. A professional removal team will help you pack and disassemble items. Packing materials like cardboard boxes and rental crates may also be available upon request.

After packing, your items will be loaded into a specialized vehicle which will transport them to a purpose-built storage facility, where they will be stored in your personal storage unit.

Since going out and social interaction aren’t feasible during the lockdown, you can use the online inventory to manage your items from home. Moreover, your items can also be returned at the destination and time of your request.

“Prevention is better than cure!”, has never been so literal. While most of the world keeps fighting the deadly coronavirus, the need for student storage continues to grow.

As a student, limiting your possessions will not only keep you safe from contracting the deadly virus but also organized for unforeseen moveouts. Student storage takes the burden of your belongings as you continue your education safely and responsibly.

Ease of purchase, affordable prices, and reliable services make personal storage a highly suitable option for students.

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Re: Student Storage is Getting Better Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Posted: Fri 12/18/2020 at 6:08 AM, in reply to guest guest

The Pandemic directly attacks the student's study because of the lockdown. The storage getting stuck and the reported positive in the sense of the school classes. Get reliable service for personal storage as a stable option. Don't think about the budget because this will pay back to you when you score a good mark in the exams.

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Re: Student Storage is Getting Better Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Posted: Fri 2/19/2021 at 12:51 PM, in reply to guest guest

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