Course Overview

The Course Overview shows basic information pertinent to the viewer, regardless of which unit is being viewed. It can show the latest news (from any Blog page), the next event from the calendar, and (to students) the next due date and current course grade.

Course Status

The Course Status box shows a student's current grade from the grade sheet, a snapshot of attendance and the latest comment from the faculty on a student's grade sheet.

Next Event

The Next Event box contains details on the next event on any calendar within the course that the current user can see.

Latest News

The Latest News box contains a snippet of the latest blog post from within the course.

Next due date

The Next Due Date box contains the next piece of coursework due in the course, regardless of unit, which is visible to the current user.

Unit in detail

The Unit in detail shows the content relevant to a given unit (Units are the way courses are broken up and organized in eLearning). This lets students see the content they are interested in at a glance in a single location. Generally, you will display all of these, but if you aren't using one or more of these types of content in your course, you can turn it off.
  • Unit Content

    Unit Content shows a block of free-form content unique to each unit. This content, unlike the unit description, will not show within the Coursework, Handout or Bookmark features.
  • Calendar

    Calendar shows events from the course calendar during the date range of the unit.
  • Coursework

    Coursework shows the assignments that are a part of the unit, as set up on the Coursework page.
  • Resources

    Resources shows the files and links that are flagged as part of this unit, from any/all Bookmarks or Handouts pages in the course. To show up here, be sure the files or links are saved in the special set that corresponds to the eLearning unit and the students can see the page that the handout or bookmark is on.
  • News & Discussions

    News & Discussions shows posts from any Blog portlet within the date range of the unit, as well as any discussion threads from any Forums pages during the date range of the unit.