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How to buy quartz banger?

We work with experts and craftsmen to make the best quality quartz nails/quartz bangers/quartz tops and accomplices to address the issues of marvelous dabbers like you. 

Spot nails are one of the most basic pieces of touching, dabbers ordinarily utilize a butane light to warm the quartz banger or the titanium nail to a specific degree of temperature (300~500 degrees Fahrenheit for low-temperature touches and 700+ for high-temperature spots) and spot their cannabis concentrate of decision onto the nail/banger to disintegrate the focus and breathe in the fume through a water pipe/bong/touch rig. It's viewed as one of the most sound approaches to expend their drug. 



Spot nails come in a wide range of cool structures and materials, probably the most well-known materials incorporate titanium, quartz, artistic and glass. 


Domeless titanium spot nails are one of the most utilized materials because of its magnificent capacity to get to the ideal temperature extremely brisk and hold heat for different touches. Great evaluation 2 titanium is basic for touching as a result of its virtue, there are numerous obscure sellers out there attempting to utilize sub-par titanium or even modest materials like pure metal to went as evaluation 2 titanium, those nails are incredibly risky to the human body. Here at Puffing Bird we ONLY utilize outsiders ensured titanium to make our marked titanium nails. Titanium nails come in various structures, probably the most famous and well-known nails recorded on Puffing Bird are typically included with different estimated and reversible joints so dabbers can utilize them on water pipes/bongs/touch apparatuses of their choice.


We prescribe you to utilize a butane light to consume the new titanium nail till it changes color(High-quality titanium will transform into numerous layers of shading, ordinarily gold/blue/purple) to consume off the deposits of mechanical preparing from the creation of the titanium nail. At that point, you should leave it to chill a little at that point place it into crisp water and wash it. You are prepared to warm it up again and touch! 


Quartz bangers are the best pick for dabbers who need to enjoy each touch's flavor. Quartz bangers heat up a piece more slow than the titanium nails however because of its top-notch quartz highlight, it can hold heat pretty conventionally. 14mm quartz banger is one of them for the most part utilized quartz banger sizes cause practically 80% of the touch apparatuses or bongs come in 14mm male/female joint. 


Some will get some information about how to clean quartz banger, we suggest that you ought to consistently utilize a q-tip to clean the remaining parts of the aggregates at the base of the quartz banger after use, at that point absorb it water for some time at that point wash it with clean new water. 


The best quartz banger, on the inventive part of the reasoning, is unquestionably the thermochromic banger or the shading evolving banger, the thermochromic can highlight a vacuum fixed layer that contains fritted glass which will turn splendid red when warmed to around 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Since the vast majority of the quartz banger is domeless structure, you needn't bother with an arch to utilize the quartz bangers, however for a definitive spotting experience, you will consistently require a quartz banger carb top to catch each drop of the valuable cannabis concentrate.

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