Fort Knox Pistol Safe Setting The Standard

The Fort Knox pistol safe is manufactured with ten-gauge body steel and has the best wrap around door; this is what makes the safe one of the toughest on the market yet. When you ask yourself who makes the best gun safe, you should definitely consider all the options that lay ahead of you. The safe that has been described here is one that is able to hold two pistols. The one feature on the Fort Knox pistol safe is the gas strut, this aids in the opening as well as holding the door open for you.

It is easy for you to lock the safe with the mechanical lock; this enables you to set the combination to whatever it is that you could remember. There is a tamper resistant hinge in place, and the position of it makes any attack impossible. There are holes at the bottom of the safe that has been predrilled, this would make the installation process much easier and helps it to be bolted down correctly. This safe is made in an attractive way and has a durable powder coated finish. The top of the safe has the logo of Fort Knox displayed. It was proven that any safe that is produced under this brand is one that is made with uniqueness; nothing will be familiar to you about this brand of safes.

The guarantee that is given on the Fort Knox pistol safe is one that many would appreciate. The protection that is offered on the outside of the safe is something that you could be sure will not be destroyed in a short period. The fire protection on the safes from this brand is one that lasts between fifty and ninety minutes, depending on whether or not you have a fire door installed. The certification for fifty minutes can stand a temperature of 1450˚C and with the fire door 1680˚C.

The hinges are known to be amendable as well as tamperproof; this is done with no effect whatsoever to the fire protection and this adds a tighter security on the safe itself. The hard plate that the safe is produced from, is able to slow down any drilling that would take place should your safe be broken into. The locks that are used for these safes are those that have been around for over one hundred and thirty three years, making this reliable as well as trusting.

The Fort Knox pistol safe is something that you would consider a good investment. The name says is all, it is by far one of the best safes that has been produced and also one thing that you are able to bolt into place. The assurance that your weapon will be out of reach from anyone, including the little children should you have any running around, is something that you do need. This pistol safe and the name brand, together allows you to put all your trust into something that you know will be well secured.