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How do you start earning money on cryptocurrency from scratch? 

How do you start earning money on cryptocurrency from scratch? 

How and where can I start earning on the cryptocurrency? A visual aid for beginners who want to try their hand at a new, yet alien field of activity on bitcoin exchange.

If you read these lines, you can almost certainly say that you have heard more than once about bitcoin, thanks to which some lucky people made a fortune on it. And now you're looking for ways to make money on it, too. 

Perhaps you are also interested in how you can get it for free. It should be said at once that there are no "free" in the absolute sense of the word ways to earn bitcoins (like another digital currency). In this context, by free earnings we mean getting crypto assets without material investments. However, this assumption, strictly speaking, is not entirely true, if only because any time spent at a computer means consumption of electricity. Where can I start my first earnings at bitcoins? This article will give a detailed answer to the question raised above. The following tips may be useful for beginners in the crypto industry who have expressed a desire to make money on cryptovolves. 

How can a newcomer make money on cryptographic software? A little bit of history has turned out to be an anomaly for the crypto market. Judge for yourself: from 01.01.2017 to 31.12.2017 bitcoin rate increased from 936 $ to 13312 $ (source:, that is, its price has increased more than 14 times. Not to mention some altcoins, the rate of which during 2017 grew in tens or even hundreds of times. 

Naturally, by the end of that year, the value of investment crypt currency portfolios of the lucky ones who bought cryptographic assets in early 2017 increased as much. What can we say about those who were not stingy and risked to buy bitcoins years earlier, when the value of each coin of this digital gold was expressed in three- or even two-digit numbers. The year 2018, on the contrary, was unsuccessful for the cryptocurrency market: from 01.01.2018 to 01.01.2019 the bitcoin rate fell by more than 70%. 

Other coins and tokens lost much more in price. The list below shows how many times the rates of various alto tokens decreased against the US dollar during 2018 (information taken from ETH- in 5.56 times (742.82*-133.37**) XRP- in 6.54 times (2.29*-0.35**) LTC- in 7.30 times (222.30*-30.45**) EOS- in 3.35 times (8.57*-2.56**) XLM- in 3.45 times (0.38*-0). 11**) BCH-in 16.39 times (2477*-151.10**) DASH-in 12.89 times (1018*-78.98**) ADA-in 16.83 times (0.69*-0.041**) XMR-in 7.31 times (338.14*-46.24**) XEM-in 16.25 times (1). 04*-0.064**) * - rate in US Dollars as of January 1, 2018 ** - rate in US Dollars as of January 1, 2019 

As you can see, out of 10 listed cryptocurrencies, the following ones have undergone the largest downward change in value: Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Cardano and Nem. Bitcoin has been showing strong and strong growth recently. Thus, on 14.05.2019 (the date of this article) its rate is about $8000. It should be noted that on April 1 of this year, its rate was about $4200. So, the increase in BTC value for the last month and a half was almost 100%. This suggests that the bulls have come to the krypto market (the trend has turned upwards). And the answer to the reader's question "Should I buy bitcoins now?" is as follows: "Buy." 

But before buying the cryptocurrency (perhaps all available savings), answer the following question: "What will you do if the bitcoin falls to $3000? So spend only the amount you're willing to part with irrevocably. Where and how you can profitably buy/sell cryptocurrency for rubles. Those who don't want to invest in crypto currency at the risk of their blood money can start making a profit from the digital money, gratuitously obtained by the methods described below.


Overview of ways to earn cryptographic software without attachments 

Below is a summary of the detailed description on web-sitio 13 ways to earn cryptographic software without attachments. On the same link you can see reviews of many sites that allow you to earn digital money listed ways, and reviews of those who were engaged in collecting Satoshi on those sites. Advice is also given on which promising coins or tokens can be purchased for the long term, based on the principle of "low risk with a small budget". Collecting Satoshas on cryptocranes. Viewing (surfing) certain sites for virtual currency. Participation in free online games, where instead of points you get Satoshashi. 

Getting bonuses for registering on cloud mining services. 

Browser mining. 

Mining on a video card. 

Selling extra things for Satoshi. 

Working as a freelancer for the crypt. Receiving tokens distributed as part of Airdrop and Bounty. Partner programs. 

Work with social networks. Work with the content of the site. Participation in lotteries and contests. The video below shows how to collect Satoshas for free in several of these ways. Let's briefly analyze each of these 13 ways. Let's start with bitcoin cranes (cryptocranes - their alternative name). Bitcoin cranes are web resources that give out Satoshas (1 Satoshashi is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin's worth) at certain intervals to registered visitors for certain actions on those web resources. These actions can be as a click on the button "Claim" after unraveling the captcha, and participate in games where you can collect Satoshas instead of points. This is how visitors to cryptocranes are encouraged to view the ads placed on them. Cryptographic faucets can be divided into 3 types: Handing out crypt coins per click on a button after solving the cappies or without them. Paying to the crypt for clicking on links to sites and then browsing them. Sites for free games where participants are rewarded with Satoshas. 

1. Collecting the crypt by clicking a button.

 The first type of cranes works on the following principle. Go to the desired page of the web resource and click on the desired button. After that Satoshas or shares of other digital currency (depending on the cryptocrane) will be credited to your account. After a certain period of time, it is possible to obtain Satoshas again using such a dust-free "work". It must be said that every time you click a button, you have to confirm that you are not a robot, which also takes time. Not only that, there is a need to enter a cappa. Plus: No skills are required. One way to kill time. Minuses: Quickly annoying, monotonous activity. You get caught cheating among web resources like this. Beginners are quite suitable for the initial, albeit minor, earning digital coins.


2. Surfing sites. There are resources on the Internet that give away crypto assets for browsing sites. 

To begin with, you need to register on those web resources, and then in your personal account will see the URLs of those sites that you will be offered to surf. One condition: the sites you are browsing should not be closed before the established time, otherwise your stay on that site will not be counted. Once you have browsed all of the proposed sites, you will be able to go back to your personal profile the next day, and you may see links to the following sites that you want to surf. 

Plus: You can view several sites in a few minutes.

 You don't need to have certain skills. Minuses: Have to keep the tab of the site you are browsing for at least the time you want to view it. Quickly annoying this activity. For beginners, this activity is quite suitable due to the simplicity of the scheme of earnings. 

3. Free games. 

This method of obtaining Satoshi may seem attractive. In fact, fans of online games can now usefully spend time with the computer, sewing Satoshi instead of points. Here, wishing to spend time playing games will have to disappoint, saying that such games on the Web - one, two and ruffled. Pros: Combining the pleasant with the useful. Minuses: Caught cheaters (do not pay the minimum amount gained). For beginners, this type of "part-time" is perfect. What's more, for some it may seem like a very exciting thing to do. 

4. Cloud mining sites. 

The essence of free receipt of the script is that after registration on a site of such service on your account will be automatically charged bonus in the form of hashraits of computing power, and from that moment on your account will be automatically charged namainennye Satoshi (or fractional fractions of another script) around the clock. "All you have to do is wait for the minimum amount required for withdrawal to be accumulated in your personal account", - you say. But wait to be happy. At first glance, this way of earning looks tempting. They say, "spit in the ceiling," and the money, albeit in small amounts, you drip. But you should keep in mind that cloud mining services are mostly one-day companies (with rare exceptions, which we will talk about later). Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to output the extracted Satoshi: the service will close or fall off before the minimum amount of crypt needed for output. Advantages: Free computing power, allowing the crypt to be minimized. Ability to earn on the machine. Minuses: The vast majority of services are cheaters. Everyone can register on the site (if he's not quite from a sleepy village), so everyone without exception newcomers can get a reward in the form of power.


5. Browser mining. 

In this case, the extraction of the crypt is carried out in the browser using the program built into the site. There are special sites on the Internet, you can go to which you can immediately start mining the script. It will be enough to register on such a site (although this is not always necessary). In this case, however, earnings will be less than the earnings received by using the "iron" of your computer (mining on the graphics card). Pros: Earning money is done on the machine. You do not have to use the "iron". Minuses: Miserable earnings. Beginners of this method is quite suitable, as to perform simple manipulations of the big mind does not need. 

6. Mining on a video card. In this way, bitcoins (or, more precisely, satoshi) are minted on the video card of your home computer. 

To do this, you need to register on a special site, and then download the program for mining on your desktop computer. Now every time you start that program, you automatically start the process of extracting the crypt. It is important to note that the size of earnings will be fully determined by how powerful and modern card installed on your computer. Thus, a powerful video card of the latest generation will allow you to earn a month the equivalent of several thousand rubles, while on the outdated iron for a month you can only mine Satoshi a few rubles. Pros: Using modern "iron", you can earn much more than using browser mining. Disadvantages: With a working mining program, the computer will slow down. There's nothing complicated about installing and configuring a mining program, so beginners of this method of extracting the crypt will do. 

7. Get rid of unnecessary things or sell products with digital value. It is not a question of throwing old and unnecessary things to the garbage dump, but of selling them for the crypt. 

The fact is that the Web has special sites where you can put up for sale, for example, old used things, as well as recently acquired new ones. Moreover, you can put up for sale digital products of certain value. If someone is interested in the item being sold on the site and buys it, the seller will get Satoshi or other digital currency for it. Plus: Chance to get the "free" crypt. Especially if you're going to reload an unwanted item. Disadvantages: Existing sites are only available in English. There's little chance of finding a buyer. Will newcomers be able to get digital currency this way? It's hard to say, because the main clue is to find a buyer who is willing to pay with a crypt for the thing he has his eye on. 

8. Remote work for the crypt currency. 

By analogy with sites where freelancers registered as performers are paid in rubles for performing tasks, there are special web resources where performers receive the crypt for the work done. However, these sites are presented only in English. Pros: You can make good money. Minuses: Some skills are required. Sites are presented in English only. This way of working more suitable for those newcomers whose services may be in demand on the resource freelancers.


9. Airdrop and Bounty. 

Without going into details, we can only say that Airdrop and Bounty are advertising campaigns conducted by block projects, allowing everyone who wants to earn tokens of those projects. Although, strictly speaking, not everyone can earn in this way because of certain requirements (especially Bounty campaigns) and that's why. What kind of tasks can these be? If we are talking about Airdrop, then the idea of earning is often reduced to the fact that the registration on the sites of block projects are encouraged by bonuses in the form of enrollment in the accounts of tokens projects. Bounty implies a slightly different way of earning: the given tasks can be the following. Social networking posts. Translation of road map content into another language. 

Placement of posts on Bitcointalk forum. 

And some tasks of a different nature. Some basic criteria for participating in Bounty: A promotion account on Bitcointalk. Presence of a Telegram and Twitter account. The number of friends on social networks must be at least a certain value. As you can see, beginners in this "field" will have to be tight. However, this does not mean that the road to this niche is closed to them. It's not the pot gods that burn pots. That's why a beginner in the crypto industry can start by registering an account at forum, so that he can gradually raise the reputation of his account by publishing posts on the mentioned forum. Maintaining activity in that forum can be combined with the work on promotion of social networking accounts. After 3 months of such work you can already start feeling like a cryptoentusist earning his well-deserved fee with the help of Bounty. In a successful coincidence, earn a month a few hundred u. e., or even more. If you're lucky... Plus: You can make good money if you're lucky. Minuses: Beginner at first has to work almost for a great life. There's a high risk that the project may bend, and as a result all the efforts will be in vain, because tokens in this scenario will be devalued. Airdrop, as a rule, does not show to participants criteria, so beginners can be satisfied with the earnings. Bounty, in contrast to Airdrop, has certain requirements for participants, so many (but not all!) beginners have nothing to do here.

 10. Earning on affiliate programs. 

For those who have no idea what an affiliate program is, we can briefly say that this type of earnings is to receive affiliate rewards for each given client. In our case, if a member of the affiliate program (or, if you like, referral) will be able to interest a potential client in such a way that the latter will perform the actions provided by the referral program (say, get coins on bitcoin cranes, surfing sites, will be miniscript, etc.), then the participant will fall affiliate remuneration in the amount established by the rules of the referral program. Pros: Earnings are made on the machine. Theoretically it is possible to earn rabid money. Minuses: In practice, it is problematic to attract a large number of friends (referrals). Unless you run a blog, a group on a social network or a channel on Youtube dedicated to crypto currencies or topics close to them (business, finance, earnings on the web). Or you are the owner of an advertised information site on cryptocurrencies or similar topics. This way of earning money is more suitable for those newcomers who have known to a wide audience their blogs, sites, groups or video channels on the relevant topics. 

11. Working with social networks. 

In this case we mean the reposting of necessary information in the social network, as well as likes and subscriptions. They will be charged for a certain amount of crypt. To start earning in this way, you will first need to register on a special site. After that, repost the information, put likes, etc. Pros: Easy to use. Minuses: You'll have to clog up your social network account with extra reposting. In general, this method of obtaining the crypt is quite suitable for beginners.


12. filling the site. 

To date, there are web projects on the Web, where you can earn crypto assets to write content. In particular, on Steemit it is possible to make the author's material, and if it turns out to be useful and interesting from the objective point of view, for it will pay the local crypt. Another example is the site "Tourist Failures". Registering on this resource, you can publish on it reports on their travels, short stories about recreation, and for the publication of stories about bad travel and unsuccessful vacation pay cryptic Waves. Plus: You can make relatively big money (especially on the second site). Disadvantages: Not everyone can make that kind of money. This way of earning is suitable for those newcomers who have skills to create useful content or who have something to tell about their misfortunes while traveling abroad or in Russia. 

13. Participation in lotteries. 

You can try your luck by taking part in lotteries where the prizes are a certain amount of cryptomonet distributed. If luck smiles, you can get an additional number of coins for free. Such shenanigans are especially often conducted by crypto bloggers on You tube (links to their channels are given in the same article on One of them recently gave out 300 XEM to the selected winner. It's a trifle, but nice. To become a participant, you only had to subscribe to his channel and leave any comment on his particular video, as well as put likes. Plus: If you're lucky, you can make a small buck in the form of a certain crypt currency. Minuses: There is little chance of winning, as the number of subscribers to such a channel is usually several thousand. Obviously, almost any newcomer can take part, as there are no limits on any criteria. 

Earnings with investments 

It should be noted that the above methods of earning large amounts of offline money, most likely, will not work. Unless you have set yourself the goal of fully dedicating yourself to online earnings by using the ninth method (participation in Bounty). If the circumstances are right, you can earn up to 1000 c.u. per month. But you have to be ready to work almost for free for the first few (2-3) months just to earn a reputation on That's why the best way to earn money is to invest in cryptographic currency for the long term. Or, in slang language, to hold the crypt. In other words, buy it and keep it for a few (3-5) years until it grows up significantly.

Cloud Mining Unlike a milling farm, which requires investments of hundreds of thousands of rubles to be assembled and launched, the use of cloud mining to earn money requires much lower initial costs. The chip of this mining is as follows. Let's imagine a certain company that has a mining farm at its disposal. At the same time, the premises for the farm itself are located in the country of the world where the cost of 1 kW/h is minimal. We, in our turn, conclude a contract with a cloud mining company to purchase hashraits. After the payment, we will be provided with the capacity with which the Satoshas will be extracted on the machine (this will be visible in your personal cabinet). The fact that such companies choose the places on the planet where the cost of electricity is minimal plays a key role, because in those countries the cost of 1 BTC production is cheaper than in Russia. Therefore, even taking into account the twisting of prices by cloud mining service, the client still finds it profitable to cooperate with it for the following reasons: Initial costs are significantly lower compared to the costs required to launch your own large-scale mining farm. It is not necessary to think over search of a premise under a mining-farm. There is no need to perform farm maintenance work. But there is also a drawback (the main drawback): The vast majority of the cloud mining services available on the Internet are fraudsters, and there are only a few decent ones. So before you sign a contract with such a service, be sure to ask those who have already dealt with that company. It will be enough to read reviews on the Internet and relevant topics in forums on crypto currencies. For the sake of interest, it should be noted that currently available really reliable and proven sites of cloud mining can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Fortunately, presented at review of sites for earning cryptocurrency greatly simplifies your task of finding reliable resources. This applies not only to cloud mining, but also to other ways of earning digital currencies (bitcoin cranes, browser mining, mapping and others). The fact is that the above link on the specified site is periodically cleaned from unreliable web resources (links to non-paying projects are removed). Is it suitable for beginners? If there is money to buy computing power, there are no problems.


Buying cryptocurrency in the long run It's been almost a year and a half since bitcoin's rate updated its maximum. We remind you that something happened in December 2017. The fact that at the moment the main crypt has gone up, as if shows us that now it's time to buy it. After all, many of you must have bitten your elbows at the end of 2017 that you didn't buy bitcoins for several years or at least months ago, when 1 BTC was worth a penny. Many analysts and well-known individuals who are optimistic about crypt currencies prophesied bitcoin wild growth to new heights. Thus, one of the analysts in his forecast predicts Bitcoin cost from 102 to 336 thousand dollars in the future. But as befits in such cases, there are also skeptical about the possible successful breakthrough of the cryptographic industry. Who's right, then? To answer this question, let's take a look at the video below at the chart of BTC rate changes throughout its history (more precisely, since August 2011). As you can see, the rate of the main crypt has gone through both periods of growth and decline. And these changes are cyclical in nature. Note that each time during the next uptrend the bitcoin rate broke previous records. Thus, for the period from the beginning of 2013 to July of the same year, the maximum BTC price was almost 230 $, from May 2013 to May 2014 the maximum was 1151 $, and for the period from January 2017 to its end the peak value of the rate was about 19 thousand $. The same can be said about lows (see video). This leads to the conclusion that the longer you keep the bitcoins you buy, the richer you become. Ideally, you should buy a cryptocurrency at the end of a downtrend or the beginning of an uptrend, and sell it when it reaches another price high. Below is an informative video showing the behavior of the kryptor market in recent years. Analyzing the chart since the beginning of the bitcoin decline in December 2017, we see that its rate fell by about 80% compared to the maximum. This indicates that there is not much left till the end of the bearish market and the market reversal should take place soon. "Soon" may be in six months and may be in two years, if after reaching the bitcoin bottom it will take a long time to flatten (lateral movement), i.e. fluctuate in a narrow price range. Of course, no one and nothing can guarantee that the crypt will definitely go up in the future and the bitcoin will renew its maximum. Therefore, you should not invest more than 15% of the available free cash in the crypt currency. And there is no way to use borrowed funds for that. When buying a crypt in the long run, you should be prepared for the fact that you may not see the money invested in it. After all, it is unknown when you can return your money (and even with a profit). And will you be able to?


Which crypt should I buy?

 First of all, you should buy BTC, because it should always be the weighty (30-60%) part of your investment crypto portfolio. The reasons for this are as follows: Bitcoin has always occupied the Palm of Capitalization Championship at CoinMarketCap. The adoption of regulatory acts for cryptocurrencies will be considered first and foremost for Bitcoin. Following Bitcoin almost in unison, most altokines (other cryptocoins) grow or fall. When the BTC rises, the other crypt also adds to the price; conversely, if the BTC falls, the altcoins also fall. Reasons to invest in altcoins: During the bull market, altcoins can grow much more strongly in the long term than bitcoins. Buying the most promising crypto currencies at the initial stage of their development and promotion, it is possible to multiply the investment in them dozens of times in case of successful combination of circumstances. But also in investments in altcoins find the following drawbacks: Many of the coins can go into oblivion in a few years due to their uncompetitiveness. Some of the top 20 coins in the CoinMarketCap's capitalization may soon simply leave the CoinMarketCap to get lost among thousands of similar coins outsiders. The video below shows what TOP 20 looked like before So make sure you diversify your investment portfolio. It is interesting to note that by investing only the equivalent of €350, you can make money on a round-the-world voyage in a few years, if circumstances permit. (On is an approximate composition of the recommended cryptoportfolio. It's wonderful that all the listed alto spots can be purchased in one place and on favorable terms, in the same place you can start wallets for each of them). Beginners can be recommended as the best way to earn money. The main thing is not to spend money on pacifier coins, and buy (in addition to bitcoins) only promising coins or tokens. Well, and in the future, as the rate of growth slowly transfer cryptovalutnye means in the fiat (do not get greedy!). This is described in more detail on www. Trading It should be said at once that earnings based on short-term and/or medium-term fluctuations of the bitcoin rate are associated with high risk. Therefore, funds for trading should be allocated at least (let's say, not more than 5% of the crypt currency. And a beginner in the crypto industry needs to be prepared for the fact that he is very likely to miss the same 5%, because for him to play on the rise / fall of the BTC or other crypto-currency similar to a casino game. Without special skills in trading and without prior technical analysis, beginners have nothing to do here. But you can do as follows. Since the crypt currencies are very volatile and their rate can change by 5-10% or more in both directions within a few days, you can try to make money on changes in the BTC rate or other crypt in the top (for this you need to know the current resistance and support levels). You can learn their current values by watching videos of proven video bloggers (links to their channels are given on www. Below are described features of earning on Bitcoin during the periods of bear and bull trends, as well as during the lateral movement (flat) of the crypt. Bear market In the bear market, you could make money by gradually step selling your existing crypt currency for a fiat or Tether before the crypt market enters the so-called accumulation stage (also called consolidation stage). What about those who don't have a crypt? They may try to short (open short positions) a bitcoin or some other coin. But do not forget that the attempt to earn in this way on the crypt is not without risk and may come out sideways. And not all crypto exchanges have a chance to short the crypt. It is also possible to try to open long positions (longs). Flat (sideways movement) This refers to a period during which the BTC or other virtual currency rate fluctuates in a narrow corridor, the upper and lower values of which remain almost unchanged during the same period of flats. In this case, there may be a short growth in duration, then accompanied by a possible fall, as well as an equally short fall with a subsequent correction. For possible profit, you can open both long and short positions, which is a risky occupation. The float can last for months. During this time, the market will pass the stage of accumulation, after which it will smoothly move to the next bullish trend.


Bull market A bullish trend in the market (and in the crypt market in particular) is characterized by global continuous growth of the crypt rates over a long (up to several years) period of time. The dynamics of changes in the cryptocurrency exchange rate at the bull market can be schematically depicted as follows. The tendency of the type "2 steps forward, one step backward" is traced. As the price of Bitcoin continues to rise higher and higher, more and more participants get involved in this game. Especially if we talk about the time interval before the end of the upward trend. After all, that is when the bitcoin begins to "trumpet" from all angles (Internet, media, TV), and it further fuels the excitement, as a result of which ordinary citizens do not refuse to buy a hundredth or tenth of the Bitcoin with free money. The reason for this is the very nature of human nature, for which a trait such as greed is inherent. Due to the syndrome of lost profit, people are sometimes willing to spend borrow money to buy a hope for a brighter future. BTC growth schedule from autumn 2015 to the end of 2017 But we were distracted. If we look at the growth graph of BTC rate throughout 2017, the largest growth was observed in November, the first half of December (December 17, it came almost close to the level of $ 20,000). Ideally, it was the best time for profit taking by investors who had bought long-term crypto assets a few years earlier. It is not recommended for beginners to try to earn on the stock exchange by opening long and short positions, as this method of earning sufficient risk. But you can start with a small amount, equivalent to 1000 rubles (now it is about 0.004 BTC). Conclusion On the basis of the above, the proposed methods of earning with the help of crypt-currency for beginners can be classified as follows. 1. Not requiring initial financial expenses: Collecting the cryptovolta by clicking a button. Site browsing. Free games for Satoshi. Registration for cloud mining sites. Browser mining. Mining on a video card. Trade in goods for Satoshi. Work on the Internet for cryptocurrency. Participation in Airdrop and Bounty. Work with social networks. Work with the content of the site. Participation in lotteries and contests. 2. Initial investment may be required: Participation in affiliate programs. 3. Requires mandatory initial investment: Cloud Mining. HOLD cryptocurrency. Trading. 4. Suitable for almost any beginner in the field of cryptology: This includes all the ways mentioned in this article to earn crypto currencies without the initial financial costs, except for the seventh, eighth, ninth and twelfth (in part Bounty) ways, as well as cloud mining and purchase of the crypt in the long run. 5. Not every beginner will be able to earn with their help: the seventh, eighth, ninth and twelfth (in the Bounty part) ways of obtaining the crypt free of charge. Trading on the stock exchange should also be counted here.