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The Best Watches Under $500

The Holidays are just over a month away, and for some, it should be the start of their yearly shopping for the festivities. Black Friday is just around the corner as well, so looking out for discounts and sales and getting the items you want to gift is a savvy move if you want to have great savings. After all, what’s Christmas without the gifts under the tree?


Let’s face it: getting your loved ones a special gift can be very daunting. The options are endless, and there’s no original idea on gifts anymore. It’s always more of the same but in different packaging. So why not go to the classics instead? A classic Christmas gift is something that’s expected, yet never fails to impress.


One classic Christmas gift that you can easily get is watches. A watch not only is functional, but it’s also wearable and one can never have many of it, so any of your choices will surely be appreciated. While there are many options in the market today with regards to watch shopping, the ones that usually in the under $500 price point are more heavily flocked to.


So to cut your time shopping, or searching online on watch repositories to find the perfect watch, we’ve collated the best watches under the price point for you. Remember that in making the purchase, whether on a traditional store or online, make sure to know and get the details on the warranty, for after-sales servicing.

Apple Watch Series 5

Arguably the best smartwatch right now, you can never go wrong with the Apple Watch as a gift to someone who uses an iPhone as their main phone. Starting at 325 dollars, the case options and size will jack the price up to a thousand, but the stainless steel option with the Milanese loop should be good enough for most people.


If you are looking to get discounts, look out for the older series as most retailers are slashing their prices for the Holidays, just like what they’re doing to any Omega watch for promotion. The Series 3 or 4 is as good as the latest, just without the always-on display of the new ones. Plus, in the future, you can gift them the watch’s bands, which is available on the official store as well.


Citizen NH8350

Get your prejudice out of the room first - your quartz prejudice, in particular, as Citizen always has had the rap of making great watches, but in quartz movement. First off, quartz is one of the most accurate movements out there, sometimes beating out the mechanical ones, and Citizen, with its signature Eco-Drive movement, isn’t all about quartz.


The Citizen NH8350 carries an automatic Miyota movement and is packaged in a sleek and elegant watch case and bands. There are many variations to this line, but the one in the blue dial and silver-colored steel clasp is the one to get. Perfect for the young adult in your life, the one who just got a new corporate job. It’ll be a great daily watch for them.

Seiko 5 Sports

If you haven’t heard of Seiko, you can be forgiven. The Japanese watch company hasn’t had that much presence in the West as it has in the East, but that’s about to change when people discover how much they are missing out on. The brand constantly churns out quality timepieces, and automatics at that, with quality materials that can rival any top brand.


One of more sporty collection under the brand, the Seiko 5 Sports boasts of an automatic movement with a water-resistance of 200m. A true blue divers watch, its hands are illuminated and the one in the black dial is as handsome as any luxury watch in the market today. Give yourself a favor and check out the brand. It may delightfully shock you.


Spreading happiness shouldn’t be at the cost of your life savings. You can always give quality gifts without breaking the bank, and anyone who disagrees hasn’t seen enough of the world yet. So don’t be embarrassed if you can’t get them the luxury watch they’ve been eyeing for quite some time, as the watches in this list will certainly give them the same happiness, if not more.


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