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Why do you need ASO

Promotion of mobile applications is necessary to increase the number of new users who have downloaded your application, it should be visible on Google Play and the App Store. To achieve the desired results, seo promotion of mobile applications should be carried out. Most of the users install applications, seeing them in the first positions in the categories or in the store search. It often happens that your application is as interesting as possible and meets all the needs of users, but the number of downloads is very low and, accordingly, the application is not in the first positions of delivery. This is because users do not drop to the end of the list and download the first applications that are interesting to their opinions. That is why quality optimization is needed.





What do we offer

Prototyping and development. At the stage of creating the application, it is important to consider the “needs” of marketing. It is important to initially introduce “marketing” functionality, which in the future will increase the commercial effectiveness of the application.


Preparing for the release of the application. For the application, it is very important what coverage and popularity it will receive in the first days after the release on the trading floor. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct preliminary preparation for its promotion - to do ASO-optimization, prepare platforms for promotion, press releases for the media, set up advertising campaigns.


Release on the trading floor. At the time of publication, the main pool of work starts, namely the Internet promotion of applications in the TOP issue of the marketplace. This includes reputation management to increase the number of downloads and work with reviews.


Application Advertising. The application requires advertising support not only at the stage of its publication, but also for the rest of the time. Using various Internet marketing channels, new application users are attracted - at a cost-effective price for you.


Application Stages

  • Application Optimization. It is important to choose the right icon, take screenshots, make a description and choose keywords.

  • Configure analytics. Connecting the necessary analytics codes, setting goals, connecting advertising rooms, creating audience for remarketing.

  • Work with journalists, PR. The more major media outlets write about your application, the more downloads you will receive in the early days of its publication in the store.

  • Launch advertising campaigns. In addition to the main advertising channels, remarketing is launched. The user sees ads directly on his phone - on search pages, sites, on social networks, in other applications. In addition, advertising is shown to “warm” potential customers who are somehow interested in your application.

  • Analysis of the results. After conducting test advertising campaigns, bids, targeting, advertising messages, etc. are adjusted.

How it works

Users are increasingly looking for information, choose products and make purchases through mobile devices. Traffic from mobile devices opens up another profit channel for business. In Internet marketing, a separate direction of “mobile” advertising is campaigns “sharpened” for mobile devices, promotion of mobile applications.


Mobile devices have become a very significant channel of communication with the target audience. Having your mobile is a strong competitive advantage for your business.


Mobile applications, like websites, need advertising. In a "natural" way, it is almost impossible to achieve the required number of installations of your application and its active users. At least at the initial stage.


Our “mobile application promotion” service consists of two stages - technical audit and development of a promotion strategy. The first stage is the identification of current problems of optimization, software component, architecture and application interface; drawing up technical specifications and monitoring its correct implementation by the development department. On the second - search, selection and inclusion in the plan of project promotion channels; setting up advertising systems and analytics systems.


Promotion of applications for IOS and Android operating systems, in addition to output to TOP stores, solves the tasks of attracting new users through other channels, their retention and increasing conversions within the application.


How the applications in the App Store and Google Play Market are ranked do not disclose the algorithms by which the applications in their stores are ranked. Only the main factors are known:


  • Number of installations;

  • Installation growth dynamics;

  • User ratings

  • Number of comments;

  • The number of deletions of the application from the device;

  • The number of application launches by users.

  • The impact on these factors to increase the position of the application is called App Store Optimization or ASO.


The following tools are used to promote mobile applications:


  • Application optimization for the AppStore, Play Market;

  • Publication of materials in the media;

  • Contextual advertising (Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct, etc.);

  • Advertising on social networks (Facebook, Youtube, VKontakte, Instagram, etc.);

  • Advertising in other applications.

A separate tool for promoting the application for Android and IOS is paid downloads (motivated traffic), when you pay people for the installation. Usually the main task of promotion is to bring the application to the TOP of Google Play or the Apple App Sore and create a positive rating with good ratings and reviews. And after getting into the TOP, you will attract real users in a much larger volume.