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Mobile Devices (iPads, Smartphones etc) Hide

Apps which *might* work.  Not "officially" supported or endorsed. Try at your own risk. Search your devices App Store to see if it's available for your device.

Puffin Browser with FLASH support

Puffin is a "Proxied Browser" that works with most websites that use Adobe Flash plugins. Free version with ads or low-cost no-ads paid version.

Documents by Readdle

iOS ONLY. A free multi-purpose document management app. Create basic text documents, download and view files from your 'cloud' services. View Word, PowerPoints or PDF's etc.

WPS Office suite

A free Microsoft Office "clone" program. Create, edit and view Word, PowerPoint or Excel files. Does not require a Microsoft account.


iOS ONLY. An electronic version of the old standby study method of creating 3 x 5" "recipe cards" with the question on front and answer on back.

Educreations Whiteboard

iOS ONLY. A free general purpose "whiteboard" that lets you draw in colors, type, insert pictures, create multiple pages, erase and reuse all or part of a page, even record as you work for later playback.

Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

Hook to Bb Collaborate Live sessions. View the whiteboard, chat and audio. No webcam support yet.


iOS ONLY. Take a photo of a page of text, use the dots to align the page corners and it will straighten the page and clean up the text for easy reading.

Microsoft Office for Mobile

Available for iOS and Android in their respective App stores. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote etc.  Requires your student CMU Office365 login account (or a personal Microsoft 365 account)

iCab browser/file uploader

iOS ONLY. A special web browser designed to allow file upload attachments using the "Browse to choose file" method like myCMU Upload Assignments, Handouts and Forums. $1.99

EDU Free Textbook - Resource Sites Hide
These sites provide a ton of free materials that can supplement most any type of course.
Free educational eBooks, Videos, Audio and self-paced courses.
Free open-source e-textbooks on dozens of topics.
Thousands of free educational, multimedia resources on virtually any topic.
Hundreds of free Learning Guides, Test Preps,  Study Tools etc.
100 sites with free eBooks
Software at Discount Prices Hide
Purchase Software at EDU Discounts
Save on MS Office and other software with proof of being a student. (see site for details)
File Helper Applications Hide
Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader is a free viewer for PC's or Macs for viewing documents saved in the ".pdf" format.
Adobe FLASH plugin
This is the required Adobe FLASH PLAYER browser plugin. There is a DIFFERENT ONE for EACH browser. (I.E, Firefox etc) Go to the download website Using Each Browser and download/run the appropriate installer. It should Auto-Detect the correct one for your browser. DO NOT checkmark/Install the "Optional" product. Usually a McAfee, ASK, or Google Chrome product. They are NOT needed and are there as paid for commercial "spamware".

Audacity is a free, powerful Audio recorder and editor for PC's or Macs. Use the latest "beta" version for newer computers or operating systems. To save files as MP3's you must download and install a separate free extension. Instructions are on the Audacity website. You can open/play MP3's without the add-on, it is only needed if you wish to save or change MP3's.

Firefox is a free alternative web browser for PC's or Macs. It is recommended for use with myCMU. 
This free media viewer and organizer allows PC's or Macs to download, import and play a variety of internet based music and movies. Some are free and others must be purchased through the iTunes Store, or you can import your own music from CD's. Works with iPods, iPhones in addition to computers. (* Note* Quicktime must be installed before installing iTunes)
Formerly called OpenOffice, this program is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. It is not 100% compatible since MS Office is a copyrighted commercial program, but it will open most MS Office files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and can save its own files in an MS Office compatible file format. It has a wordprocessor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, database, and graphics editor. It works on both PC's and Macs.
This free utility allows Windows PC's and Macs to open and view MacOS X multimedia files primarily in the .mov movie format.
VideoLAN Client (VLC)
VLC is a free multi-purpose digital media player. It will open and play/view nearly every kind of internet multimedia file type such as photos, music/audio, and movies. It is Multi-Platform so works on PC's or Macs
7-Zip is a free file archive/expansion program that works with a variety of compression formats. such as .zip or .rar. Large files are often compressed before uploading/downloading to save drive space and bandwidth. This program works on both PC's and Macs.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.