In the interest of the safety and well-being of our University community, we are strongly encouraging all students, faculty, and staff to register any University-sponsored travel, both domestic (outside of Missouri) and international, by providing us with your date(s) of travel and destination(s). This applies to all University-sponsored travel during the months of May - July. We may extend that time-frame as things develop.

In addition, we strongly encourage you to also register all personal travel (example: Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July) both domestic and international during the months of May- July .  This is not meant to be intrusive. We believe this information will be useful should we need to:

  1. Alert travelers returning from areas where Warning Levels have been raised, especially when self-monitoring will be important.

  2. Identify anyone who, as a result of changing advisories, should be asked to self-quarantine, and/or to provide resources and support for remote coursework.

  3. Assist with and expedite the investigation of any outbreak that might occur in our community.

ID Number


Email Address


First/Given Name


Last/Family Name


What is the primary way you identify as a member of the CMU community?

Please provide your travel locations and dates. If you have multiple destinations to report, please complete the form again separately. Identify the places you will be traveling to or through (including via ground transportation and airport layovers). Be as specific as possible, including city, state, and country (e.g. Miami, Florida, USA).

Destination City

Destination State

Destination Country

What is the date you will arrive at this destination?
Format: mm/dd/yyyy

What is the date you will depart from this destination?
Format: mm/dd/yyyy

In what cities/countries do you have a layover (if any)?

Please indicate your preferred way(s) for us to reach you, particularly if you are traveling abroad. (Phone number, email, or social media accounts are all welcomed.)