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Streetwear Jeans Market Statistic Original post: Wed 4/21/2021 at 4:03 AM

A must-have garment in your wardrobe since their invention in the 19th century is jeans. This era of streetwear jeans matches clients' needs. The innovation opportunity presented by more sustainable processes has made it essential to own a denim garment. Several producers and retailers release new denim cloth lines regularly.  These stakeholders undertake extensive market campaigns to sell sustainability and diversity. The denim industry is experiencing saturation, with many legacy brands offering brand loyalty and nostalgia to win over consumers. The market uncertainty brought by COVID-19 makes it challenging for producers and retailers to stand out in the stiff competitive denim market. Several advanced data depict a shift in the denim market and a change in buying trends of consumers. The data points to essential denim trends to have now and in the future. This article presents some streetwear jeans market statistics to bear in mind.


Eco Denim Growth

The push for a pollution-free environment has given birth to the production of environment-friendly jeans. The need for change has seen retailers opting for environment-friendly materials in denim production. Environmentally friendly denim comes to the market made of approved repurposed and recyclable fabrics. Sustainable materials like hemp and organic cotton form the jeans production base materials. Retailers swap leather back patches for degradable paper and advise consumers on taking care of the jeans for longevity.

Over Time Price Shift

Many denim selling brands have different pricing techniques and grouping for their various product lines. The price bracketing helps in market targeting to satisfy a unique identifiable need. The price differentials are applied differently across the world depending on the retailer's or brand's set goals for a particular market.

Skinny Jeans Market

In high-streetwear fashion, slim and skinny jeans have a larger market share in the denim industry. In an assortment of denim, these two garment types amount to over 50% of purchases. The preference for skinny and slim jeans emanates from their role of flattering and granting sexier bodies, especially to women clients. Despite their popularity, it takes quite a few coins to have some of this denim in your collection.

Assorted Jeans Wear

Fashion blending plays a significant role in the statistical analysis of denim purchases. The market data shows that consumer preferences are on the straight and wide leg, highrise, miniskirts, shirts and shorts, slouchy silhouettes, and flare jeans. This preference depicts a rise in their purchase, especially to match the prevailing season and weather conditions. The desire to make a fashion statement in jeans significantly pushes the sales of assorted complimentary street jeans. Consumers purchase different denim shades of white, blue, black, light washes, dark, light, and reworked jeans.

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