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Can you take equal pay violations to court? There are 1 replies:
Can you take equal pay violations to court? Original post: Thu 7/2/2020 at 9:51 PM

It’s very important to understand what lawyer do I need for work related issues, and these problems can vary from one spectrum to the other. Of course, there’s another thing when you have to identify what lawyer do I need for hostile work environment, as that ends up being extremely problematic. But when it comes to equal pay, things are a little blurry. It will be a lot harder to understand what’s included in this, what we see as equal pay violations are a bit different. You still need to see what kind of attorney do you need regarding equal pay violations too, but first you need to see if there’s an actual violation to deal with or not. If you are looking for the best employment lawyer in California, consult the Nakase Law Firm.

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Why is there an equal pay problem?

There are many businesses all over the country where women and men are not paid the same. Most of the time women will be paid less, even if they have a similar set of skills or even surpass the man in question. These things are obviously unacceptable according to the Equal Pay Act. In fact, the EPA clearly states that employees need to have equal pay for their work.

The EPA will evaluate equal work based on a multitude of factors, as you will notice below. These include skill, effort, working conditions and responsibility. They will also check for any gender pay gap that’s misrepresenting how a person works.

Which are the most common equal pay violations?

You will find many violations like these in a variety of formats. But the most common is when two people that do the same job are getting paid differently, one of them less than the other due to their gender. Another equal pay violation can appear when one employee group is better paid when compared to another group.

We can also talk about violations like denying insurance or certain benefits due to their gender, refusing to pay any type of pension benefits or a variety of discrepancies. Normally all these situations pertain to employment law, so hiring a labor law attorney will help you solve any problems. It’s important to understand why and how these issues appear, and you also need to find ways to solve them as fast as possible. Once you do that, you will have a much better set of results.


We recommend you to study these problems with an attorney and ensure that you are indeed dealing with equal pay violations. The reason is simple, you need to support your claims in court, and that will be hard to do without evidence. But if the evidence is there, hiring a lawyer is the right step to solve such problems and ensure that all problems are managed in a professional way. It’s definitely a challenging situation, but it will help you showcase what really happens at the office and how some people are getting paid more despite doing the same job at you. Such a case can be related to gender bias, but it can also happen to a man as well, since it falls under discrimination laws!

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Re: Can you take equal pay violations to court? Posted: Sat 10/24/2020 at 7:34 AM, in reply to guest guest

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