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Storage methods, equipment to be considered more or less extensive audits that carried out rules and standards in force to be respected. There are only a few things to think about in order to organize your self storage space and optimize flows and security.

It is time to choose, according to your types of items and the turnover rate of your products, the appropriate storage method. If you sell perishable products, with a Use or Use Deadline. You can still couple the ABC method to optimize the picking of your operators, and limit their movements in the warehouse.

For any other type of activity, do not hesitate: focus on the ABC method. To start this reorganization, also take the time to do an initial audit, which will help you to have a correct vision of your stocks:

Note the number of references, the size and the weight of the products stored over the last 12 months. In particular, this will help you, in the next part of this article, to determine which type of shelf or rack best suits your products.

Find the references that represent 80% of your turnover, and apply the ABC method, seen above.

Consider, if you have different seasonal flows, to reorganize your warehouse according to this. Certain products, ordered in mass during certain seasons, will deserve to pass from category B or C to category A, to optimize the picking flows.

If you store at height, do not forget, whatever happens, to have the resistance of the concrete floor or slab evaluated by an expert. Indeed, a regulation orders that the racks and racks are anchored in the ground. Let's now review the different types of storage for which you can opt.

The different types of storage

You can now choose the appropriate material according to your preferred method, as well as the type of products you store.

What is indoor storage?

Indoor storage units provide additional protection from weather and the elements. Usually located inside a one- or multi-story building, these units and lockers offer customers additional benefits to keep their belongings dry and safe. Additional security levels are available with individual access codes and door access, while providing temperature control to protect against moisture. Heating is also offered in establishments where winters are harsh.

Recommendations for items to store:

  • Furniture (couches, sets of dining rooms, etc.)
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Books, paintings, photos, etc.
  • Documents

What is outdoor storage?

Outdoor storage units, or car-accessible storage units, are essentially additional garage space. Easily access your unit to load and unload your personal belongings. Outdoor units are rarely equipped with air conditioning control, and are therefore more likely to be affected by humidity and temperature. However, they provide the most convenience and accessibility for frequent visitors. Outdoor units are usually the most affordable self-storage option.

Recommendations for items to store:

  • Tools
  • Outdoor / seasonal furniture
  • Sports equipment
  • Holiday decorations

In the end, Dubai has established its reputation as the financial and commercial center of the Middle East. It is also known for its warm hospitality and its rich cultural heritage. All these factors, as well as the good commercial conditions, facilitate the installation of storage in Dubai.